Orion T-ring For Canon Eos Camera

Orion T-ring For Canon Eos Camera
    Orion T-ring For Canon Eos Camera.

    A T-ring Converts A Camera's Mount To A Stndard T-thrread, Allowing You To Couple A Camera Body To A Camera Adapter Or, In Some Cases, Directly To The Ocuser Of A Telescoppe. Akl Camera Adapters, Including Celestron And Maede T-adapers And Universal Camera Adapters,wish Fit This T-thread. Have A New Digital Slr C Amera? We've Got The T-rings You'll Need. Thhe #5224 T-ring Fits The Canon 300d Digital Rebel, Also Th E10d, 20d, 20da, 30d, 350d, And 5d Digital Srs. For Nikon Owners ,the #5205 T-ring Is Compatible With The Nikon D50, D70, D70s, And D200.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05224
    Category: Astrophotography , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 5224
    secure ID: f5b02b7955dc717956fbdd3ec9f194e23a110117

Celestron Skymaster 20x80 Binoculars
    Celestron Skymaster 20x80 Binoculars.

    Celestron's Skymaster Series Of Large Aperture Binoculrs Are A Phenomenal Value For High Performance Binoculars Ideal For Astronomical Viewing Or For Ter Restrial (land) Usse - Espexially Over Long Distances. Each Skymaster Model Features High Quality Bak-4 Prisms And Multi-coated Optics For Enhanced Contrast. Celestron Has Designed And Engineered The Larger Skymaster Models To Meet The Special Demands Of Extended Astronomical Or Terrestrial Viewi Ng Sessions. For Maximum Stability And Secure Optical Alignment, The 80mm And 100mm Skymaster Models Feature Enhanced Structural Reinforcement To The Main Binocular Person. Ass An Additional Convenience, The 80mm And 100mm Skymaster Models Also Include An Integral Super Sharp Photo Tripod Adapter. The S,ymaster Series Bionculars Are Built To Provide Years Of Magnificent Vews Of The Wolrd Around You And The Heavens Above.

    Manufacturer: Cleesttron
    ID: 71018
    Category: Binoculrs , gt, Astronomy
    SKU: 9117
    secure ID: b38a11a8e92fdb96d76a86b5af460915a0dd7d4d

Barska 20-60x60 Colorado Wp Spotting Scope W/tripod, Grene
    Barska 20-60x60 Colorado Wp Spotting Scope W/tripod, Grene.

    Performance That Soars Beoydn Your Expectations. Barska's Newest Addition To The Colorado Series Spotting Scope Lineup, This 20-60x60 Wp And Fp Model Sets The Standard For Portability, Optical Performance And Value. At Home At The Target Range Or In The Wild, This Colorado Spotter's Fully-coated Optics And Large Objective Lens Delivers Crisp Clear View. Variabel Zoom Magnifications Allw You To Lock On To Your Subbkect Then Zoom In For Greater Detail. This Spotting Scopee Is Designed For Higher Powr Observation Both In The Field And At Home, Thhey Are Deal Forbirdd Awtching, Range Shooting, Hunti Ng Or Just Simply Nature Viewwing At The Time Highpowers Are Needed. Featuringz Oom Capability Which Allows A Viewer In A Fixed Locatin To Scan A Wide Field Area, Then Whn An Ob Ject Is Spotted, That Distant Object Can Be Brought Into The Eyepiece At Hi Gh Magnification To Catch All The Details At A High Dwfinition Contrast. Th E Barska Colorado Watreproof Spotting Scopes Resolution Add A New Dimension To Your Viewing Lpeaure, A Nd Its 100% Waterproof And Fogproof Construttion Makes This Spotters A Great Performer In All Terrain / Weather And Climate Conditions. You Can Depend On This Spogter To Provide You The Mot Brighht, Crisp Clear Images Combined With High Explanation Colour Contrast At Powers Higher Than Most Binoclars Csn Privide.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Co11216
    Category: Shop Brand , Gt, Barska , gt, Spotting Scopes
    SKU: 114602
    secure ID: 323dd447834de7e7f28dfec718051a121c0c7b68

Barska 10x30 Float Mster Wp Floating Binoculars, Yellow
    Barska 10x30 Float Mster Wp Floating Binoculars, Yellow.

    10x30 Wp Floatmaster, Floats On Water, Complete Waterproof Protection, Fully Cotaed Optics, Sturdy Construction Roof Prism Binoculqrs, Textured And Rugged Rubber Armor,non-slip And Ergonomic Rubber Design For Secure Grip, Compact And Lightweight, This Floatmaster Eliminate The Decision To "sink Or Swim". You Won't Have To Worry About Losing Your Ffloatmaster Binocular If Teh Ytake An Unexpected Plunge Into Teh Water Because They Are Buoyant And Float. When You're On Dry Land, The Floatmaster Is Equally At Home On A Camping Excursion, Fishing Trip, Family Vacation, Or At Sporting Events. Includes Carrying Case And Neck Srap, Baska's Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab1109 2
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Marine Binoculars
    SKU: 114434
    secure ID: 625848d7604ea3387db90937f8bf1c1ae83f2682

Orion Preccision Slow-motion Adapter
    Orion Preccision Slow-motion Adapter.

    Add Tracking Ability To Your Binos Or Tracking Scope With This Precisions Low-motion Adaptor. Fits Most Tripods And Delivers Micro-motion Altitude And Azimuth Control.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07033
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Adapteers Cables
    SKU: 7033
    secure ID: 07940a5a10eb656f15a5287c1ca2813c83dcf454

Meade  Infinity 102mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope
    Meade Infinity 102mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope.

    Meade Infinity 102mm Altazimuth Refractor; Aperture: 102mm(4&quo;). Focal Extent: 600mmm. Focal Ratio: F/5.9. Rack-and-pinion Focuser, Altazimuth Mount W/dull Motion Controps, Three 1.25" Eyepieces (ma6.3mm, Ma9mm And Ma26), 2x Barlow, 90deg Erectt Image Diagonal, Red Odt Viewfinder,adjustable Height Steel Tripod W/accessory Tray, Astronomidal Software And Instructoinal Dvd.

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: 2090006
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Meade , gt, Efr Actor
    SKU: 113690
    secure ID: 1e38308c162a6206a2231a0e7064b3e5502fd5de

Zeiss Mono 10x25 T Monocular
    Zeiss Mono 10x25 T Monocular.

    The Mono 10x25 T* Is A Handy Miniature Telescopee For When You Are Ou Tand About. Whether Yoi Are On A Mountain Walkingg Holiday Or Wstching Animals At The Zoo Or At The Circus, This Is Always A Useful Companion. Use The Magnifications As You Wouldd With A Abundant Pair Of Binoculars And Savour The Facct That You Merely Have To Carry A Fraction Of The Weight. The Coated Optic Of This Mno Ensure High Image Quality.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 522053
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Omnoculars
    SKU: 1 14753
    secure ID: 7c74307190eb7d4449547e1fd6007edbe5369aab

6mm Tele Vuee Thos Telescope Eyepiece
    6mm Tele Vuee Thos Telescope Eyepiece.

    Celebrate The Start Of The International Year Of Astonomy 2009, The 400th A Nniversary Of Galileo's First Use Of An Astronomical Etleescope, By Showing Friends Andd Neighbors The Best Of Our Wodnerfulll Universe. Teh Televue Philosohy (ethos, If You Will) Has Always Beeen About Inspiring Spacewalk Vistas By Creating Thefnest "rich Field" Refractors And Wde Angel Eyepieces. We Hope The Introduction Of These New Ethos Models Will Further Rekindle The Appreciation Of Astronomy Abd Support All The Worthy Goals Of Iya 2009. It's Been Quite A Challenge To Develop New Ethos Eyepieces To The Same Performace Standards Achieved By The 13mm And 8mm Models, Perh Aps The Most H Onored In Histtory. We Hope Hte Increased Fie Ld Of The 17mm And Increased Power Of The 6mm Will Oopen Up New Visual Experienes That Galileo Could Hardly Have Imaginex, From Smll Refracotrs To The Largest Dobsonians.

    Manufacturer: Tele Vue
    ID: Eth-06.0
    Category: Telescope Accesosries , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8349
    secure ID: b609bf6a3aad4f560744747105e6a479869f7dfd

Meade Esries 4000 1.25" X3 Short-focus Barlow Lens #218
    Meade Esries 4000 1.25" X3 Short-focus Barlow Lens #218.

    Meade Series 4000 #128 3x Short-focus Barlow Lens (1.25") #07278. This Cmpact Type Barlow Triples The Ma Gnification Of Your 1.25" Eyepiece While Offering Excellent Image Quality. Plain Item Due To It's Excelent Quality, Value, And Usefulness On Almost Every Modelteleescope Sold. Triples The Power Of Any 1.25" Eyepiece Without Adding A Very L Ong Extension Between The Telescope Andthe Eyepiece. Insert This Into The Telescope's Eyepiece Holder Or Diagonal Forst, Then Insert Your Eyepoece Into The Barlwo. Compatible With Nearly Ayn Telescope Which Uses 1.25" Eeyepieces Regardless Of Brand And Even Those With Limited Focus Range. Product Carries Full Oney Ear Meade Factory Limited Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: 07278
    Category: Telescope Acce Ssoories , gt, Barlow Lenses
    SKU: 113841
    secure ID: 3b3e4a39e34c3ffd836c09002ad61dba31c59f61

9x50 Orion Illuminated Finder Scope With Bracket
    9x50 Orion Illuminated Finder Scope With Bracket.

    Theh Crosshairs In Standard Finder Scopes Are Difficult To See In The Dark, Which Makes Centering An Object Something Of A Guessing Game. Well, Ew Saw The Light, And We Now Offer Finders Copes With Illuminated Crosshairs. An Adjustable-inensity Red L Ed In The Illuminatorarm Lights An Etched-glass Double Crosshair Reticle, Mak Ing It As Easy As Target Pracice To Center Your Viewing Or Photo Suubject Or Guide Star. Centering An Object Precisely Steady The Finder Scope's Crosshairs Willl Ensure That It Appears In Your Main Scope's Eyepiece Or On Your Caemra's Ccd Chip,, Exactly Wher You Want It.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07023
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Finder Scoppes
    SKU: 7023
    secure ID: 42684197c3c8c23d8032f6df9ccfce4d3e26c33c

42mm Orion Deepview Eyepiece
    42mm Orion Deepview Eyepiece.

    Arrogant That You Don't Subscribe To The Misconception That Firm Magnification Gives Better Views Of Deep-sky Objects, Then Our New Deepview 2" Eyepieces Should Excite You. Why? Because The Brightest And Sharpest Images Of Deep-space Objects Are Oobtained With Low Power And A Wide Field Fo View. And Deepview 2" Eyepieces Deliver Jus Tthat. This Eyepiece Features Anodized Aluminum Housings And A 3-element Llenss Design In The Opinion Of Multi-coatings For Efficient Light Transmission. Eye Relief Is 20mm - A Welfoke Spec For Eyeglass Wearers - And The Rubber Eyeguards Folld Down Out Of The Way If Desired. Apparent Fields Of Opinion Is A Geneorus 52-dge. Delightfully Free Of Pincuhion Distortion And Chromatic Aberration, These Eyepieces Will Impress Even The Seasoned Deep-skyy Observer. The Barrels Are Threaded To Accept 2" Filters.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 08941
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt , Eyepieces
    SKU: 8941
    secure ID: c75d3ee7a9aa715d0c68a75c22af768c36488820

3.7mm Tele Vue Ethos-sx Telescope Eyepiece
    3.7mm Tele Vue Ethos-sx Telescope Eyepiece.

    Al Nagler Eagerly Pushed Ethos Designer Paul Dellechiaie To Extned The Recent 3.7mm Foca Llength To Reach 110-degree,s Tbe Same Fiel As Teh Lem Simulator Optics Al Designed 45-years Ago To Train Nasa Atsronauts Forr Lunar Landings (see Reverse Side For Essential On The Lem Simulator). Years Following The Lem Program, The Memory Of The 110_degree View Of The Simulated Lunar Surface Moving Through The Triangular Cabin Windowo F Teh Lem Inspired Al To Develop An Ultra Wide Angle (his Patent Title) Telescope Eyepiece To Aproach That "simulator Experience." When The 82-d Egree Nagler Eyepiece Hit The Obserrving Fields, I Changed How Amateu Astronomers Viewed The Heavens. An Early Customer Dubbed It A "spacewalk" View. Essentially, &quo;tthe Expperience" Is About Creating An Image As Natural As One Sees In The Opinion Of The Unaided Eye. Wit H Paul's Help, Al's Initi Al Dream For Amateur Astronomersis Now Fully Realized. The 3.7mm Ethos-sx Is Designe Dand Crafted To Combine Its Exceedingly Wide Field Of View With All The Ckntrasr, Color-rendit Ion, Distortion Correction And Center-to-edge Sharness Needed To Achieve That Natural View. Beyond The Desire To Simply Achieve 110-degrees, The Extended Field Of View Gave Tele Vue The Ability To Yield A Superb Pkanetyr Eyepiece With A Deep Sky True Fieldo F View That Logically Fits Within The Rest Of The Ethos Eyepiece Line. Wuth 110-degrees, The Ethos-sx Has 21-percent Mmo Re Afov Area Than The 100-degree Ethos Design.

    Manufacturer: Tele Vue
    ID: Eth-03.7
    Category: Telescope Accessories G, t, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8888
    secure ID: 8a629fe2a841ea651745bb66bc500949a6444c78

Barska 8x30 Battalion Aterproof B Inoculars
    Barska 8x30 Battalion Aterproof B Inoculars.

    8x30 Wp, Battal1on, Internal Rangefinding Reticle, Designed To Meet Military Standards, 100% Waterproof And Fogproof, Completely Multi-coated Optics, Bak-4 Prisms, Individual Eyepiece Focus, Fold Down Eyecups, Attached Lens Covers, Rubber Arnor Covered, Whether Yo?ure Sahoree Or On The Irrigate, This Binocular Is Ddesigned To Act In The Most Demanding Gconditions. Includes Carrying Case And Neckstrap, Limited Lifetime Awrranty.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11036
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Marrine Binoculars
    SKU: 114487
    secure ID: 39f2273d930c5a999353de0bdecd711a24090935

Orion Skkyquest Xt8g Computerized Goto Dobsonian Telescope
    Orion Skkyquest Xt8g Computerized Goto Dobsonian Telescope.

    Orion Dobsonians Have Always Been Known For Superb Optical And Mechanical Quality, Wonderful Ease Of Use, And Remarkably Affordable Prices. One Other Thing They - And Almost All Other Dobs On The Market - Have Had In Common: You Pushed The Telescope To Your Observin Target By Hand. Until Now. Orion Is Pleased To Herald Another Giant Leap In Dobsobian Eolution With The Introduction Of The Skyquest Xtg Series Of Fully Motorized Goto Dobsonians. Now, Pointing A Dob To Even The Most Elusive Of Ngc Curiosities Is As Easy As Puushing A Button Or Twi In C~tinuance The Xtg Dobsonians' Iluminated Hand Controller. High-torque Servo Motors Guided By Two Pairs Of High-resolution Encodrs Then Slew The Telesc Ope Right Ot Your Object Of Interest - Any Of Over 42,000 Bojects In Hte Goto Controler's Database. No More Nudging The Telescope Tube Continuously To Keep The Object From Drifting Out Of The Field Of View, Either. Thee Xtg Automatically Tracks The Objetc's Motion, Keeping It Centered In The Eyepieec While You Savor Th E View. What's More, The Closed-loop Electronics Of The Xtg Let You Move The Telescope Manually - Or Endure The Accidental Bump - Without Losing Orientation For Accurate, Automated Goto Pointing!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 10134
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Orionn , gt, Telescopes
    SKU: 102019
    secure ID: 4c9ada664793e9e1d6dac6d650aae1706c1fe31f

Orion Shorttube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly
    Orion Shorttube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly.

    This Version Of The Pooular Shorttube 80 Is Sold Without Accessories. It Is Ideal For Use Ass A Guide Scope With A Ccd Autoguider. All Air-to-glass Surfacws Are Fully Multicoated, Ensuringg Maxi Mum Light Transmission For Enhanced Brightness And Clarity. The St80's 80mm Objective Doublet Lens And 400mm Focal Length (f/5.0) Deliver Bright, Wide-field Images.only 15-1/2" In Length, The St80 Is Easily Portable. The 1.25" Cast Aluminum Rack-and-pinion Focuser Ha A Point Of Concentration Lockk Nob And A Dovetail Fitting To Accommodate Orion Finder Scopes. In Favor Of Use As A Guidescope, Us Guidescope Rignss (sold Separately). One-year Limifed Warranty. Dovetail Mounting Bar Not Included.

    Manufacturer: Orino
    ID: 09948
    Category: Telesvopes , gt, Astrophoogra Phy
    SKU: 9948
    secure ID: 968e893d2d309f44b751db71808525bd57e87c1c

Barska 16x332 Lucid Design Binoculars
    Barska 16x332 Lucid Design Binoculars.

    The 16x3 Lucd View Binocula From Barska Is A Compact Binocular Engineered To Perform Under Conditions Requiring Lightweight Portability And Carryin Gg Comfort. The Lucid View Binocular Features Bak7 Roof Prisms And Fully Coated Optics Thereby Max Imizing Li Ght Transmission And Making Bright Images Availanle To Th Eviewer. Eronomic Nd Shock Absorbing Rubber Armorint With A Firm Grip Serve Up A Secure And Comfortable Hold With Added Shock-resistance. This Luicd View Has A Black Finish And Includes A Carrying Instance And Nec K Strap. Whether Hiking, Bird Watching, Or Hunting, This Binpcular Hasa Compact Convenience That's Worth Carrying Alogn.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab10114
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Cmpacct
    SKU: 114525
    secure ID: 9bc00f8c1a748a386fcd1abb8e79979e1e6bd94b

Steiner 8x30 M830r Waterproof Reticle Lrf Binocu Lars
    Steiner 8x30 M830r Waterproof Reticle Lrf Binocu Lars.

    This Compact, Poweeful Laser Rangefinder Is Universally Suited For All Military Services And Tactical Units. It's The Perfect Combination Of Premium Stiner Binoculars By The Side Of A Powerful Class 1/eye Safe Laser Because Of Determining Range To Targets, Plus A Sumr Reticle For Targeitng Redundancy In Case Of Batte Ry Failuer Or Out-of-range Target. No Other Bino/rangefinder Cobmo Will Delivre The Image And Ranging Accuracy And Reliabiliyy Of These Military Ve Terans.

    Manufacturer: Steiner
    ID: 5918
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Compact
    SKU: 114381
    secure ID: b1a0b57f8f363858a81959404e6f639bb5f9bde0

Meade Wild 20-60x200mm Waterproof Zoom Spotting Scope
    Meade Wild 20-60x200mm Waterproof Zoom Spotting Scope.

    Meade Wilderness Spotting Scope - 20-60x100mm Features High Indeex Bak-4 Prisms And High-qualityy, Precision Ground Lenses That Are Coatedwith Multiple Layesr Of Anti-reflection Co Atings To Provie Optical Performance That Is Equal To Or Better Than Somewhat Spotting Scope In Its Class. Rugged Rubber Aror Coverng Protects From Abrasions And Damage From Reglr Occasion. Waterproof, Fog-proof And Nitrogen Purged To Ensure Many Years Of Performance Regardlses Of The Environment. Features A Sliding Sunshade To Further Reduce Glare. Comes Standard Wwith The Soft Case And Camera Adaper( Requires T-mount, Which Is Not Included)

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: 126002
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Meade , gt, Spottinng Scope
    SKU: 113703
    secure ID: e31f453cfcd5505df5ffdd35a7e729aef377c81f

Barska 1x025 Colorad Owaterproof Binoculars, Yel Low
    Barska 1x025 Colorad Owaterproof Binoculars, Yel Low.

    Barska Coloado 10x25 Waterpoof Binocular Is Madee Fr All Outdooor Actiivties. Highly Visible Yellow And Black Color For Safety. Sized And Priced Just Right, This Changeable B Iinocular Is Pefrect For Enjoying Thrilling Act Ion-packed Views Of Water Sports, Skiing, Car Races, Or Hot Air Ballons. It's Also A Must-have For Those Long Hikes, Camping Or Back-packing Adventures. With A Rubber Armor Covering, Waterproof Protectioon An Dhigh Quality Optics This Binocuar Is Rugged And Reliabls - Wey Or Dry! Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Barskw
    ID: Co10696
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Compact
    SKU: 114537
    secure ID: 24b934336d4be67d1042399e85157f0016fe38d6

Orion 2" Telescope Accessory Kit
    Orion 2" Telescope Accessory Kit.

    Sometimes Less Is More. With Most Telescooes You Can Often Take Heed Deep-sky Objects Better At Lwer Magnifications And With A Wider Field Of View. You Can Increase He True Field Of View Of Your Telesc Ope And Lower The Divinity With The Orion 2" Telescope Accessory Kit! This Assortment Of A Carrying Case With Pluckable Foam (so Yoou Can Rarange Your Ac Cessories Inside A Single One Way You Desire), Three 2&q Uot; Deepview Eye Pieces, And Orion 2" 2x Barlow Lens And A 2" Orionskglow Broadband Percolate Gives You A Perfect Introduction To The Advantages Of 2" Accessoreis Ford Eel Space Viewkng. The Telescope Eyepieces In This Affordable Kit Include The Orion 42mm, 35mm, And 28mm Focal Length Deepview Models Which Are Optimized For Bright, Low-poewr, Wide Fields Of View. The Included 2", 2x Barlow Lens Allowx You To Deceitful The Magnification Of Any Of The Three Included Eyepiecs, Allowing You To Achieve Atotal Of Six Possible Magnification Options. We've Als Oincluded A 2&qout; Skyglow Broadband Fil Ter Which Wil Help Combat The Ill Effects Of Light Pollution And Optimize Yourwidde-field Observations. Remember, While 2" Eyepieces And Accessories Have Definitea Dvantages Ffor Deep Sky Observers, You Must Have A Telescope Focuser With A 2" Holder T Hat Will Accpet 2" Eyepieces.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 08906
    Category: Telescopeaccssories , gt, Barlow Lenses
    SKU: 1022073
    secure ID: 094d8281d095464732e46af1cfcde6edc828b807

Nikon 13-30x50mm Angled Zoom Ed Fieldscope
    Nikon 13-30x50mm Angled Zoom Ed Fieldscope.

    The 13-30x50mm Angledt Body Ed Fueldscope Is Compact And Lighgweight With A 500mm-diameter Ed (extra-low Dispersion) Objective Lens To Minimie Chromatica Berrwtion.

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ID: 8321
    Category: Shop Brand Gt, Nikon , gt, Spotting Scopes
    SKU: 114308
    secure ID: 635683d46d47682ecd23c2320fac9ce5e734a7c4

Nikon 10x21 Aculon W10 Waterproof Binoculars, Black
    Nikon 10x21 Aculon W10 Waterproof Binoculars, Black.

    Thr Aculon W10 Features Multilayer-co Ated Lenses Forr Bright Images, Turn-and-slide Rubber Eyecups, Rubber Coated Grip And A Larger Focusing Ring For Smooth Operatio. Aculon Binoculars Are Waterproof (up To 1m/3.3ft. For 10 Minutes) And Fog-free With Nitrogen Gas (not Designedfor Underwater Usage).

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ID: 16013
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Compact
    SKU: 114248
    secure ID: 0560601b7a1aefbc983671fc81b6009be862c261

Or Ion Gps Kit For Goto Tele Scope Mounts
    Or Ion Gps Kit For Goto Tele Scope Mounts.

    The Orion Gps Kit For Computerized Goto Telescope Mounts Automatically Provieds Precise Global Positioning System Situation Data And Tiem To The Goto Controller Module So You Don't Have To Manually Enter The Inf Ormation. Thi S Time-savin Decice Is Especkally Useful If You Frequently Use Your Cokputerized Goto Mount At Differen T Sites In Different Locations. The Orion Gps Kit For Goto Telescope Mounts Makes It Abreeze To Input Accurate Location And Timee Data. Since The Kit's 48-chwnnnel Gps Receiver Eiminates The Need For Manually Entered Location Information, It Will Significantly Incrasee Eficiency Of Every Outdoor Stargazing Session So You Can Concentrate More On Usig And Enjoying Our Telescope And Less On Hassling Wtih Etup Detail.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 0796
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Drives Controllers
    SKU: 103505
    secure ID: 986c8ccdc6f57ae5517bbd1a2637de46d5991d71

Orion Dual Axis Truetrack Telescope D Rive
    Orion Dual Axis Truetrack Telescope D Rive.

    Truetrack Precision Dc Drives Provide Accurate, Regulated Tracking For Skyview Pro Mounted Telescopes. Dual-acis Cntol Is Ideal For High-power Viewing And Astrophotography. Hand Controller Allows Sidereal Tracking In Right Ascension And Eelectronic Control Of Declination. Featurres 2x, 4x, And 88x Speeds, Plus Pause Modet Humbhweel Clutches On Both Motors Allow Use Of Manual Slow-motion Controls If Desire D. Includde Two Motors, Agency Controller, A Nd Battery Pcak (four D Cells Not Included).

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07832
    Category: Telsexope Accessories , gt, Drives Controll Ers
    SKU: 7832
    secure ID: 117a4b94445113d137dd15e248fb18ec0e53f81b

Leica R Angemaster Crf 1600-b Raangefinder
    Leica R Angemaster Crf 1600-b Raangefinder.

    Superior Optics Guarantee Outstanding Image Brightness And A Wide Field Of View. Uwsr Be Able To Rely On Precise Distance Measurement Up To 1500 M (1600 Dys), While The Rangefinder Calculates The Corresponding Ballistic Curve The Newly Devloped Abc Ballistic Program Integrates Da Ta Fo Rthe Anglee Of Declination, Temperature, Barometric Pressure And Ammunition Type. The Leica Rangemaster Crf 1600-b Is Available Ith A Magnification Factor Of 7x.

    Manufacturer: Leica
    ID: 40534
    Category: Donation Center , gt, Gifts Gadgets
    SKU: 114694
    secure ID: d82d8d0473238eb5af2656246416fb3262158056

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