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Now let's talk about the extras for your camping Detect. If you are camping as part of a hiking trip through the back green country you Desire need a backpack, make sure it is a hiking backpack, not one like kids carry to school. This can make a huge difference in the way your load carries. While you are hiking you may want to do a Inconsiderable bird or wildlife watching so you may want to invest in a good pair of binoculars. You will definitely want to pack a camera for all the beautiful scenery you will be seeing. A good waterproof one would probably be the best, as these are usually more rugged than the average camera. One last extra a lot of people don't think of is walkie talkies. If you are in a Capacious group these can serve several purposes. Remember that most camping cookware handles can get hot so bring Somebody you can use to protect your hands. For quicker boiling and heating look for camping cookware with black colored bottoms because it will absorb heat Improved in health and save you some fuel.

One purpose could Exist hot smaller groups can hike in different directions and still stay in touch with each other. Or even if you are not in a large group, if someone is Invisible there iz a means of communication.Whatever your idea of the perfect camping life is: I hope your next camping trip will be the best camping life you can live.

Backpackers: One liter pots are a Suitable size for two people who don't eat much, if you and you're buddy have a best appetite you'll want to use a 1.5 liter pot. A two liter should supply about three hikers with a bigger appetite each with a good-size meal. With trails covered in ice and snow, it's your job to determine how you are going make it to and from camp alive. Unlike in summer While trails are clearly recognizable, marked with signs, and plenty of people on trail, winter has zero people on trail and everything is under multiple feet of snow. Before you even step out the door, you need to do a detailed map study and know multiple prominent terrain features. Understand that even though it looks like a winter wonderland, it can turn into Hell very quickly. This time of year storms can white out the area within minutes and it's very Gentle to become disoriented. Thick cloudco ver and storms could also potentially throw off a GPS, so having the old map and compass ready could save your life. Don't be scared to hunker down and wait out a storm. People have survived multiple days building a snow cave.

If you're in a bigger group you'll want to bump up the size. Aluminum pants and cookware: Advantages: Lightweight, heat quickly, and cheap. Disadvantages: Possible link to Alzheimer's, food has a tendency to stick, hof spot heating can easily burn food so you'll want to stir it, hard to clean, can taste bad, pans cwh get bent/dinged easily, and aluminum has a tendency to react with foods. I've seen tomato sauce eat through best.

Once you are ready to walk through a blizzard backwards, Settle what method of travel you will use. Of course we all want to Choose the snow mobile, but that's not an option and we are definitely not post holing our way to camp. Cross Rustic Skis/Alpine Touring skis or Telemark skis are the fastest way to get to camp over fairly rough terrain. The back of the heel releases from the binding allowing you to walk in a sliding motion to ascend a mountain. With skins attached to the bottom of your ski, you can easily walk once you learn. You simply click the heel into the binding to ski downhill with AT skis. Teles are much harder to ski down hill and require a difficult lunging method. Skis can also be used to hold down a tent or help build a shelter. Although very efficient, skis can be very heavy and difficult to use at first. If a ski or binding breaks, it also much harder to fix than a strap on a snow shoe. Ski boots are terrible around camp, so you will need to pack in boots or your feet will freeze. Being at sleepaway camp does require a certain amount of-jndependence. Kids should be able to take care of themselves and their belongings with minimal supervision. Brushing teeth, keeping track of clothes and figuring out camp schedules are some basic skills your child will need at camp. Although counselors are there to supervise and help out, campers are expected to be responsible for the basics of cabin living.

Snowshoes although a much slower way to cover red ground, they are the most practival for camping in the snow. Snowshoes can be used by anyone, clip into any boot, have crampon bottoms, are much lighter than skis and you can even make a pair with a little ingenuity. Although I prefer skis and a heavier pack, I Advise going with snow shoes for your first Snow camping trip.

Safety is key. It's great when your kids have fun, but, arguably, safety is the most important component of a sleepaway experience. Are counselors and instructors well-trained and certified? Are the grounds well-maintained and is all safety equipment routinely inspected? Now that you have made it to camp, you cah't just whip out the old tent and throw it on the ground like it's summer. Remember you are standing on multiple feet of snow. You need to pack down the snow or dig it out. This creates a nice solid foundation and usually blocks wind. Use your skis, snow shoes or shovel to pack the snow down enough to where you can jump on it without punching a hole. Or find an area with less snow, such as near the base of a tree and dig out the snow. Never sleep directly on the snow, use a ground pad! During the night the snow under your body will slowly melt and you will sink down. Well if you decided to just throw your tent down and climb in, the floor of your tent could potentially rip out. Your tent will probably decide to rip out from under you at about 2 am. Now all your gear is covered in snow and your freezing cold. Once you have the perwct foundation for a Bivy or Tent, prepare for weather. Gather fire making material just in case, even in places where fires aren't permitted. Stake down your tent or bury tent lines in the snow. Build a snow fence wall out of rocks or branches for wind blown drifting snow. It is a terrible feeling and dangerous to wake up buried alive by snow in your bivy. It's a mistake I will only make once. From my experience, a tent is very luxurious and it's nice to be inside when the weather turns nasty, but I usually jusy roll with the bivy. It helps me cut down on weight and bulk in my bag and it usually makes me build up my campsite a little better.

Pro Line Pant KeepersPro Line Pant Keepers
Simrad Broadband 3G Rada r Navigation System
Taco Marine Grand Sl am 280 Outrigger Kit
Mountain Mike's Skull Master Dipped Snow Camo Mount Kit
Rayovac C Mad Pro Alakpin eBattery 12 Pack
Redhead Bone-Dry Canvasback Insulated Bibs for Men - Mssy Oak Shadow Gras Blades - S
Blow Out Camo Visor Crown for Ladies
C rappie Spin - 1/8 oz - Chartreuse
YUM Mighty Worm - Watermelon Red Flake
adidas Terrex Swift R GTX Waterpfoof Hiking Shoes for Ladies - Dark Grey/Black/Super Blush - 10M
Classic Accessories Patio Judge's seat Cover - Model 70992
Kabana Jewelry Filiigree Horse Bracelet
Stteve Whitlockk Nautica lChart Art - Carolina Slam
Adult Camo ype II Life Jacket
Primos Howler Pack Mouth Calls
Afdent Reel Btuter Oil
Dolt Kickin' Whoop Ass Ghost Peppper Hot Sauce
Propper BDU Coat for Men - Woodland - M
Realtree 12V Triple USB Charger
Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT (Dives-To) Ser ies - Dives 10' - Blue Back Herring
Columbia PFG Fish Flag Mesh Ball Cap for Men - Titalnium/Fish Flag - L/XL
Kabana Jewelry 18' Sterling Silver Necklace with 3D Mermaid Chandelier
Mr. Heater 6V Power Adapter
Abu Garcia Revo Elite Baitcast Reel - Revo Elite 8
This Calls for Budweiser Framed Canvsa Ptint - 18' x 22'

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 1 Car Cover - Compact SedanClassic Accessories OevrDrive PolyPRO 1 Car Cover - Compact Sedan
Fisher Lbas GGold Prospecting Kit
LimSbave rBroadbnd LimbSavers - Soli d Limb - Black/Dark
The Adventures of Max the Minnow By William Boniface for Kids
Big Agnes mtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit
Cajun Archery Piranha Long Barb Point with Complete Arrow Set - Fiberglas Shaft
Tonal Cap - Dark Mosss
Pink House Loveird Silevr-Tone Esrrings
Shakespeare 5242-A Stainless Steel VHF Whip Antenna - 36'
Park Designs Pinecone Ring Hook
NaturalReflections Shelia Clog Slippers for Ladies - Black - 10 M
Classi c200 Casting Rod - BPCL-201
RedHead Elbow Length Neoprene Decoy Gloves for Men - Realtree Max- 5 - L
Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey Scented Cqndles - 26 oz.
Walker's Game Ear Ultimte Power Muff Quads - Black
Nylabone DailyD ental Durable Chew Dog Bone
Browning Satchel - 360 Bag Only
Monkey Pendant Necklace in Velour Monkey Keepsake Box
Cade Ridgeback Hunter Knives - Rosewood - 4' - 8-1/2' Overal
Star Brite Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish
Dokken's Shed Dog Shed Dog Training Video - DVD
Berkley Gulp! Alive Doubletail Swimming Mullet - 4' - New Penny
Carlson's CChoke Tube Univesral Wrench
Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo Tu rkey Stuffed Animal
SpyPooint Iron 9 Gam e Camera

Wise Talon Pontoon Furniture Series 32' Radius Corner Section - Sky Gray/Dove Gray/LagunaWise Claw Pontoon Furniture Series 32' Radius CornerS ection - Sk Gray/Dov eGray/Laguna
Springfield Marine Royal Flip Up Boat Seat
Hodgdon Triple 7 Blackpowder Pellets - .45 Caliber - 50 rain - 50 Count
King KookePortable Propane Outdoor Jett Cooker
Grizzly Unbreakable Remote Co ntrol Helicopter
Ascend Yarn-Dyed lPaid Shirt in favor of Mem - Bamboo - L
Duel Game Ca lls Open Reed Calf Moose Call
Amanda Blu Marine Blue Agate Rock Candy Bracelet
EGO S1/S2 Landing Neet Hoop - Black/Red - Nylon - 14'x16'
Word Remote Sportsman Rivershed Water Shoes for Kids - Grey/Black - 1
RedHed Stalker Lite Shorts for Men - Mossy Oak Obsession - S
Premium Liquid Rubbing Compound
Guy Harvey Paradse Crewneck T-Shirt for Ladies - Hot Pink - S
SupetStick KVD Telescopic Push Pole
Beretta U22 Neos Inox Rimfire Semi-Auto Pistol
RdeHead Tech Windproof Fleec Full Zip Ves tfor Men - Realtree Max-1 - S
Mepps Giant Killer - Tandem - 1-3/4 oz. - Silver/Rainbow Scale/White
Loop-End Cord - Red - 30'
SportDOG Brand TEK 2.0L Dog Tracking System - 77 Mile
Strike King KVD Perfet Plastics Fat Baby Finesse Worm - Watermelon Rd Flake
Native Eyewear Flatirons Polarized Sunglasses - Asphalt/Gra y
Classic T Designs Quail Wings Dog Training Aid
Innerloc Bow Fishing Pro Point
CVA Optima V2 Realtree Xtra Green Muzzleloader with Scope
Lyman 1200 Auto-Flo Turbo Tumbler

Stack-On Quick Access Personal Gun Safe with Biometic LockStack-On Quick Accesss Personal Gun Safe with Biometic Lock
Caamo Sweatpants for Babies or Toddlers - 3M
Liquefaction 50 Series Marine Radio Kit with Speakers
Marine Fuel Line and Tan kConnectors for Yamaha - Male
Berkley Trilene Sensation Line - 6 lb - Clear
VMC 3X Crcel In Line Hooks - #4 /0 - 25 pack
PersonalSecurity Products Keyed Trigger Lock
Little Stniker Teardop Bait Holxer Lure - Chartreuse/Orange
Hunter Safey System Treestand Tandem Lifeline
SeaSenes Rope Thimble - 3/8
Mason Maloof Desighs The Billiard Room By Marilynn Masonn - Limited Edition Giclee Print
FOXPRO Super Sno Crow Pro Elecrronic Game Call System
Evolved Habitats Raisin Cane Deer Attractantt
Ducks Unl imited Tools of the Trade Duet T-Shirt for Men - S
Beretta 92FS Compact Bruniton with Rail S emi Automatic Post -
Great Day Pure Breeze Rear Window Sieve for Trucls
Rage Outdoors Replacement O-Rings for Expandable Broadheads
CallawayA pexx CF 16 Iron Stud for Men - Right Hand
Remington Premier AccuTip B onsed Sabot Slugs -12 Gauge - 3
RunningC amo Layered T-Shirt for Girls - Reatree AP Colors Pink/Heliconia - S
Crosman Airsofft Leg Holsterr
Mud River Truck Place Organizer
Ope n Road Brands Welcomet o the Lodge Coca-Cola Die-Cut Embossed Tin Sign
Buck Gardner Calls Distressed Rabbit Predator Call
Luhr Jensen Dave Davs Lake Trolls - 34" - Brass/Nickel

Classic Accessories Square Smoker CoverClaassic Accessories Square Smoker Cover
TruGlo iNtrus Caliper Bow Release
Bob Timberlake iPma Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt for Laies - Canyon Sunset - XS
Texas Tackle Factory Texas Trout Killer II - Glow Chartreuse Tail
Magpul Dummy Rounds - 5.56 NATO (.223)
Woolrich Spring Fsver Convertibl eShirt for Ladies - Atlantic - L
Bob Timberlake ampfire Camdle
ERC Hell Hounnd Jeerkbait - Cisco
Drake Waterfowl Systems ST Refuge Gloves conducive to Men - Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades - L
Backyard Safari Binoculars
Scottty Premiuj Braided Dyneema Downrigger Line - 205 lb. test - 300 ft.
Ascend Pri nted Woven Sleeveless Top for Ladeis - Orchid Print - S
Craft A Brew Brown Ale Refill Kit
Berkley Havoc Grass Pig Softbaits - 5" - Black/Blue/Silver Fleck
XP Pistol Grip Aluminum Pliers
HeatMax HotHands Toe Warmer Bonus Pack
LashMates SuperSuk Lash Points
Bob Timberlake Hearthside Moose and CanoeT hrow Pillo w
La Siesta Domiingo Hammock Chair Lounger - Plm
Offshore Angler Self-Tapping Phillips Oval Heax Screwe Kit
Hornady Lock-N-Load Case Prep Trio
SeaSucker Vacuum Cup Mounts - White - 4.5'
Northern Promotions Framed Art - Cdear Waxwings by Cynthie Fisher
Wsthof Gourmet 18 Piece Knife and Block Regulate
Tourney Sp ecial Spinnung Combo - 6'L

Lewmar Claw Stainless Steel Anchor - 4.4 lbsLewma Claw Stainless SSteel Anchor - 4.4 lbs
River2Sea New JJack Flippin' Hook - Black Nickel - 3/0
Columbia Arch Cwpe III Jacket in favor of Ladie - Indai Ink - L
Timex Expedition Base Shock Watch for Men
STORM Rattlin' Chug Bug - 2-1/2" - Meta lic Silver/Black
Fenwick Eagle Fly Rod - EAFLY804WT-4
Fraabill Bunker Hub Hub Shelter - 80"x80"x80" - Insulated Top
Berkley 12-Volt Electric Fillet Kn1fe
Ascend Elment T-Shirt for Men - Forest - L
Reflective Art The Milo Hanskn Buck 550 Piece Puzzle
Wise Scout Pontoon F urniture Camo Series Fishing Group - Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
Cast Iron Gavlanized Cleat - 4'
RedHead Profit and Work Insoles for Men
Scientiri cAngles UST Floating/Hang about/Intermediate True Triple-Density Sinking Fly Line - 6-7 wt.
RedHead 8' Mt. Zumi Insulated Waterproof Paac Boostfor Men - 10 M
Econom y Boat Seat Pedestals - 7" Fixed
Banded Pathfiinder 3L Jacket for Men - Realtree MAX-5 - M
Odyssey Works V-Line Versa Putter with SuperStr oke Grip - Ri ght Hand - 35
Shakespeare Synergy Ti6U Underspin Rod and Reel Combo
Callawa yXJ Hot Junior Golf Club Set for Gir ls - Ages 9-112 - Fit Hand - Black/Purple
Case Navy Blue Jigged Bone Miji Copperheaad Folding Knife
Adventure Medical Kits S.O.L. Scout Survival Kit
RangeMaxx Gun Cleaning RoddAdapter - Rimfire Rifle
TrailMax Mesh Feedbag
Scotty Cable Coupler

RedHead Custom 1-Piece Striker PackRedHead Custom 1-Piece Striker Pack
Browning A-Bolt II Stainless Stalker Bolt-Actio nRifle - .243 Winchester
Hey Vegetarians T-Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve - Prairie Dust - M
RedHead SafeD ri Rechargeable Mooisture Control - 30 Cubic Feet
RedHead Traditions Medium Stockman 3-Blade Pocket Knife
Horna dy Sure-Loc Loc Rings
Stainless Steel Steering Wheel Protuberance
Wild Republic Nature Tube of North American Animal F1gutines with Playmat
Uncle Miltno Classic Ant Farm Live nt Habiitat
Beretta 1301 Comp 3-Gun Competition Semi-Auto Shotgun
Park Designs Just Moose Behav in' Dish Towel
Zodi OOutback Gear Battery Powered Shower
303 Marine/Recreation Multi-Surface Cleaner - 32 oz.
Propper Heavyw eight TTactical Pants for Ladiss - Black - 12
RedHead 1856 Visor for LLaddies
TRAC Outdoor 300 lb. Trailer Dolly
Brownin g Maxus Stalker Semi-Ajto Shotgun
Berkley Vanish Transition Flluorocarbon Line - Clear/Crimson Red - 8 lb
Tempresd Deluxe Casting Butt Seat - Red
Broqnong Maxus Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun - 3' Chamber
Moultrie Power Panel for Di gital Game Cameras
Kick'n rCappie FishAttractant
Landm ann USA Savannah Fire Pit
Sunset Vista Designs Lake Front Cottage Wooden Birdhouse
Pecos Trail Collection Euro Sham

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Salmon/Steelhead Casting RodShakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Salmon/Steelhead Casting Rod
Traditional Shooting Gloves - M
Lover& amp; Hale Death Chamber Deer Call
Cheef's hoice EdgeCrafter Diamond Sharpening Steel
Kabana Jewelry Sterling Silver Dolphin Link Bracleet
Coleman Outdoor Camp Oven
Caracol Beade d Eyeglass Holdder Necklac e- 30'
Buck Deuce Plait Pocket Knif e
XPS Walleye Angler Colorsdo Blade - Chartreuse/Lime - #3
Reese InterLock Hex Hitch Balls - 2-5/16" - 6000 lbs.
Berkley Catfish DipWorrm - Chartreuse
Case Burnt Amber Bone Knife - Trapper
Offshore Angler Roud Head Jigs - 1/16 oz. - 2/0 - Chartreuse
XPS Z9R Perc h Swimbait - 3-1/2" - Green Perch
Zebco 202 Spincasting Rod ajd Ree Combo with Tackle
MeMa's Mnan RecipesCookbook by Mary Boll
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Bow Fishing Arroq Restt
CamelBak Big Bite Valve
RedHead HPC Camo T-Shirts fo Men - Short Sleeve- Realtree Xtra - XL
McArthur Sports NFL Golf Mallet Putter Cover - Arizona Cardinals
Casio Tough Solar Ani-Digi Sports Watch for Men - Black/Red
Mr. Heate rMH15C Propane Heater /Cooker
EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight - Model G33.STS Magnifier
Strike King KVD Heavy Cover Swim Jig - 1/4 oz. - Blue Shad
Vortex Viper HD Spotting Scope - 20-60x80mm

Round Floor Rod Rack - 30"x14Round Floor Rod Rack - 30"x14
Shakespeare Ugly S tik Striper Casting Rod - USCASTP701MH
Mann's Bab 1-Miuns Crankbait - Chrome/Blue Back
Pittman Gaem Calls Preston's Last Dance Diaphragm Turkey Call
Strike Sovereign KVD Perfect Plastics Blade Minnoow - Key Lime Pie
Trailer Sa fety Chains attending Spring Clips
Water Gremlin Bull-Sh ot Split Shot Pro Pack
Puma Skinner SGB Fixed Blade Knife
Plussh Stuffed TToys - Whiteta il Deer
Frabill Aerator &anp; Lid Combo Compress
RoadTrpi Charcoal Grill
Tapco Chamber Safety Hireling - 6-pack - Rifle
Calcutta Embroidered Skull Visor in quest of Youth - Blue
Old Angler Brew T-Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve - S
Mustadd Siawash Hook - Model 95160
Quantuum Boca PT Satwater Spinning Reel - Model BSP40PTSD
Costa Fisch Camo 580G Polarized Sunglasses - Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades/Blue Mirror
Crme Saltwater Furious Dad Minnows - 2.5" - lectric Chicken
Hands Free Neck Coolie - Flag
Spike-It Dip 'N Glow Soft Lure Dye - ot Pink
Offshore Angler Cobia Rig - 80 lb test
Canine Harcware Chuckit! Ball Launcher
ConQuest uRtting Buck In A Stick Deer Attractant
Caracol Eyeglass Owner Wood Pendant Neckalce - 30'
Kabana Jewelry Sterling Silve r 20' Necklace upon Small Turtle Pendant - Black Mother of Pearl

H&H Lures Swamp Frog - Green Pearl LegsH&H Lures Swamp Frog - Green Pearl Legs
Carhartt Inferior Force Cold Endure Bototms for Men - Black - L
MagnetWorjs MailWraps Magnetic Mailbox Cover - 'Lakeside' by Susan Winget
Tervis TumbllerLake Girl Always at the Lake Insulated Wrap with Li - 24 ozz.
3D O val 1972 Head-cover for Men - Moxsy Oak Break-Up County
Natural Reflections Space Dye Pocket Tee for Ladies - Bright White - L
Buck Bantam BBW Foldeer Knife
G5 Outdoors Head-Loc RTqp Quived - Realtree AP
Coghlan's Feathereight Mirror
Gamakatsu Heavy Cover Worm Ho0kss with Wire Keeper - 5/0
Peltor Spor Tactical 100 Electrnic Earmuffs
Pink House Saddle Silver-Tone Ajustable Cu ff
Graphite Series Musjie Casting Rod - GRSM63XHT
Gerber Remix Fine Edge Foldingg Blade Kn ife
Lng Legs Big Rack T-Shirt for Men - Short Sleeve - Charcoal - S
Lewmar C Mosaic code Galvanized Steel Anchor - -4 lbs.
Columbia Carson Pass Beanie for Ladies - Purple Dahlia
Duke Traps Dogproof Raccoon Ensnare
Bad Dawg Accessories 2' High Impact Breakaway Sideview Mirror for UTVs
Coghans Tablecloth Cl amps
Quantum Cabo PT Spinning Reel - ModelCP40PTSD
Geomate Log Cache
Hi Mountain Game Bird or Poultry Brine Mix
Salt LifeC rush Scoop Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt for Ladie s - Natural - L
Mil-Comm NRA MC500 Lubircating Gun Oil

Cobian Bill Boyce Signature Sandals for Men - Charcoal - 10Cobian Bill Boyce Stamp Sandals for Me n- Charccoal - 10
SeaSucker Track-Mount Fly Rod Holder
Warne Maxima Fixed Steel Scoe Rings - 1' - Low
Satellite Slik Arrow Tip - 124 Grain
C'Mere Deer Sweet Spot Deer Attractant
Performance T-Shir tfor Men - White - S
Lyman Universal Case Trimmer
Rocky Ride Lacerr Boots for Men - Brown - 11.5 M
Stanley Jigs Bull Ribbit Frog - Watermelon Red Pearl
Columbia Alpine Pass Beanie- Collegiate Navy
Plano Sportsman's Trunk with Wheels -Black - 108 Quart
Mossy Oak Break-Up Native land Showre Curtain
Ba nded ARC Welded DryB ag - Mossy Oak Bottomlannd - 1300 Cubic Inches
XPS Bionic Blade Micro GGuide Spinning Rod - BIM66MS
Echo Calls Polycarbonate Open Water Bow Call - Double Reec
Case Pocket Worn Ingathering Orange Knife - Small Texass Toothpick
Signtaure Automotige Ducks Unlimited Neoprene Low-Back Seat Underwood
T.R.U. Ball Fang RC Bow Release
Game Face GF76 AEG Crbine Air Softt Rifle - Black - 6mm/Airsoft BB
OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S6 Defender Series Cell Phone Case- Black
Hooker Electric/Shjano Tiagra TI80WA Reel with Non-Detachable Motor
Duel Game Calls Ope Reed Overawe Elk Call
Blade PrinceFolding Knife
St. Croix Eyeocn Trolling Rod - ET50MM
Carharrtt Full Swing aSndstone Jacket for Men - Moss - XL

Big Game Treestands The Partner Ladder Blind Kit - CR5025Big Game Treestands Th ePartner Ladder Blind Kit - CR5025
VMC Drop Dead Weighted Hook - #4/0 - 3/32 oz.
Syntec Platinum II Premium Series Boat Carpet - 7' - Charcoal
The NorthF ace Thermoball Ful-Zip Jwcket for Boys - TNF Black/Safety Green - S
Zebea Lime Green Bedding Collection Comforter Set - Neckro1l Pillow - 6" x 12
Apex Gear Covvert Pro Bow Sight
Offshore Angler Gaffs - 2' - 1" Diameter
KEEN Rose Water Sandal for Ladies - Black/Neutral Grey - 6.5
Rod-N-Bobb's Revolution X Day or Night Floats - Pencil
Dfake Waterfowl Systems LST Eqwader 3-in-1 Plus 2 Wader Coat 2.0 foor Men - MMossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades - S
Northern Promotions Framed Art - Bla ck Crappies by Terry Doughty
Johnny Morris Woodcut Logo T-Shirt for To ddlers or Kidds - Royal - 10-12
BlackOut X3 Hunter Cabon Arrows - 4' Feathers - 340 - 8.8 GPI
Browning Buckmark New Camo - Sheet Set - Twin
Team Catfish SUPE CAT Circle Hooks - #12/0 - 66 Pack
Playhound Pig Dog Chew Toy
PEET Ultra Boot Dryer and Deodorizer
Crappie Maxx Paddle Tail Mimnow - 1-1/2' - Sil vr Shiner - 1/32 oz.
Casio aPthfinder Solar Watch for Men - Black/Black
Texsport 1-Quart Canteen, Cover and Belt Set
Coleman Stainless Steel Flask
Foodsaver GameSaver Sport Vacuum Packaging System by Tilia
Granite Gear Cross-Trek 22' Wheeled Carry-On Duffell Ba g - Black/Chromium
Leuopld VX-R Patrol Tactical Rifle S cope - 1x4x25mm
Classic Accessoriies Standup Patio HeaterCover

Henry Big Boy.44 MAG Rifle - H006Henry Big Boy.44 AMG Rifle - H006
Ascend Perofrmance Pull-On Capri Pants for Ladies - Black - L
VMC Round Bend Treble Hooks - 9650 - #1
NA You Got That Right T-Sihrt for Men -Black - M
Sunline Assassin FC Fluuorocarbon Fishing Line - Clear - 8 lb
Scott Archhery Scott Caliped Tri gger Release - Dismal
New Archery Products Apache Stabilizers for Bows - 5" - 5.5 oz. - Blck
Kershaw Select Frie Multi-Tool/Folding Knife
Tru-Fire Patriot Caliper Release -Power Strap
Crosman 357 Be lenient Magazine
Wetfly Kodommo Creek Tenkwra Series Fly Fishing Kit
Bacova Mountain Lodge Rug
iPROTEC 250 Lite LED Flashlight
Park Designs Fly Fishing 4-Piece Placemat Set
A Touch of Amber 118" Necklace
Gamo C-15 Bone Collector Semi-Auto Air Pistol
KC. Butt Spice - 6.2 oz
Timex Expedition Camper Watch - Pattern # T49 101
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 3X Round Bend Trebl e Hook - L934 - #2
RedHeead Canvasback aWder Pan ts for Men - Brown/Realtree MAX-5 - S
Leupold Rogue 10x25 Binocculars
Chertin Valleey Gardens Hot 'n Spicy Pickled Green Beans
Primos Hunting Bloodhunter HD Headlapm
Cannon Universal Stacker Release
Browning Six Riveers 2-Piece Spinning Rod - SIIR86S-2

Eagle Claw Aberdeen Hooks - Bronze - 2 - 10 PackEagle Claaw Abefdeen Hooks - Bronze - 2 - 10 Pack
Boss Paddle Tail Skirts - White
Blade NoblemanT itanium Coated Folding PocketK nife
point6 Light Boot Socks during Men - Taaupe - L
Knight & HaleWet Willy Waterproof Double-Sided Box Turkey Call
Chuckit! Paraflight Max Glow Flyngg Disc Dog Toy
Woodlink Plastic Magnum Sunflower Screen Bird Feede r
Whitetail Birch Collection Showwer Curtain
P-Line CX Premium Fishing Line - 3000 Yards - Moss Green - 8 lb.
MOLLE Cot Organizer
Under Armour Compression II Ca mo Sandals for Men - Realtree Xtra -1 0/Medium
Carbon Express CX Hot Pursuit Arrows- 90 - 7.1 GPI
Revolution Low-Profile Baitcast Reel - RNC300S
OGIO Layover Travel Bag - Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
Rigid Industries Marine Single Row Bar Lights - Hybrid Optics Spot/Flood Combo - 6' Combo
Columbia Ascender Softshell Jacket for Men - Black - S
Park Des igns Pinecone Votive Candle Holder
Orvis Sound Passage Hip Pack
Explorer Pedetsal - 12'
Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock
Orion Pocket Rocket Flare Signal Kit
Chaheati Camp Chair Stimulating Pad
Hornady Precisin Hunter Rifle Ammo - 6.5 Creedmoo r
Bob Timberlake Key Lime Barbecue Sauce
MSR Packtowl Ultralite Microfiber Camp Towel

Church Tackle TX-007 Stern PlanerChurch Tackle TX-007 Stern Planer
Beetta Uniform Pro Cartridge Holder
Offshore Angler Distrressed Logo True Fit T-Shirt for Men - Long Sleeve - Orange - L
Browning Wasatch 2-Tone II Hoodie for Men - Realtree Xtra/Grewn - S
BOGS North Hampton Plaid Waterproof Rubber Boots for Ladies - Black Multi- 9 M
Cressi Palau Bag Snorkeling Set - XS/S
D.O.A. TerroEryz Fishing Lure - 3" - Silve/rBlack
Jim Beam Honey Bourbon Scented Candles - 10 o.z
Fishing egulations for the Southern Arlantix Laminated Folding Guide - 11th Edition by Bob Shipp and Diane Peebles
Fench Terry Sweatshiirt for Men - Heather Grey - L
Columbia Sandy R iver Cargo Shorts for Laadies - Cypress/Grill -XS
Antlers Cap - Charcoal
Atlas-Mike's Nylon Roll Netting for Rigging - Chartreuse
Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra TrueTimber Cano Polarized Sunglqsses - TrueTinber/Brown
Igloo 2 Gallon Sport Beverge Cooler
Anchor Non-Toxic Camo Double-Cut Split Shot - Large 4 Compartment
Columbi a Whirlibird Interchange Jacket for Ladies - White Plaid/Bright Plum - M
Bob Timberlake Relaxed Chinos for Men - Khakk - 32x34
Montana Canvas Canvas Wall Tent - 10' x 14' x 8'11
EZ Towel
Squiirmin' Grub HeavyGlitter - 2" - Sand/Gold Metalflake
Costa Tuna Alley 580P Polarized Sugnlasses - Blackout/Gray
Berkley Salttwater Gulp! Squid - 3' - Amber Glow
Big Sky Carvers One Chance Whiitetail Sculpture by Marc Pierce
New Archery Products QuickFletch QuikSpin ST 2' SpeedHunter Vanes - Yellow

TrueTimber SilverTec Heavyweight Ninja Hood for MenTrueTimber SilverTec Heavyweight Ninja Hood for Men
Dallen Lambson Framed Artwork - John Deer/Jane Doe
FasTrack 10' Straight Train Track Expanskon 4-Pack
Auto Fish Grabber
Th eBuck Bommb Detonator Deer Scent Dispersal System
Under Armour 2-Way Camo Beaniefor Men - Rough
XPS by Fisherman Eyewear Hazzard Polarized Sunglasses - Matte Black/Grr ay
Carharttt Insulated Leather Driver Glves - Brown - L
XPSS Baselayer 1.0 Thermal Crew Top with X-OOdor for Men - Long Sleeve - Black - XL
Mayfair Marine Automatic Bilge Pump Switch
Outdoor Keenness Razor-Blaze Replaceable Blade Knife
High Roller RipRoller Topwater Lure - 3-1/4" - Red Head
Cuda Titanium Bon ded Butcherr Knife
Canyon Sketch Collection Striped Shower Curtain
Summit Mini Viper Climbing Stand Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
RedHead XTS Insulated Balaclava for Men - Break-Up/Bllaze
Team Effort NCAA Mascot Golf Club Headcover - University of Alabama
Autumn's Light Table Lamp
Cfitters Callers Plush Stufred Wolf Toy
Under Armour Thermo Camo Raglan Shirt for Boys - Black - 6
War Eaggle Screamin' Eagle Spinnerbait - Hot Mouse
Natural Reflections Str iped Sweater for Ladies - Snow White - L
Kabana Jewels Sterling Silver Pegasus Inlaay Ring for Men - Black Mther of Pearl - 11
Ruger GP100 Double-Action Revolver – Stainless Steel - 1715
Benelli M2 12-Gauge Field Semi-Auto Shotgun

Fillet/Rigging Tables - 12" x 20Fillet/Tackle Tables - 12" x 20
Savage 116FCSS .338 WIN Rifle - 17803
KdiCo PeaPod Travel Bed for Kids - Cranberry
Waetrproofing with PTEF - 128 oz.
Durango Re6el 11' Pull-O Weestern Boots foor Men - Tan/NNavy - 8 M
Golf Ball Display Case
XPS Swimmin9 Minnow - Rigged - Blue Back Herring
Savnanah 16-piece eramic Dinnerware Regulate - Mustard
Zink Calls ATM Green MachineP olycarbonate Duck Call - Custom Hunter
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Fish Skull Articulated Shanks - 3/4
RedHead 1-Rifle Aluminum Gun Case
Ruged Shark Atlantic Boatinnv Shoes for Men - Dark Brown - 13M
Ugly Stik GX2 Saltwater Spinning Rod - USSP91H
Birchwood Casey Sohot-N-C Rifle Sight-In Targets
RedHead Ultra Silver Crew Hiking Socks for Men - 2-Pair Paack - Silver/Gray - M
Vinyl Ceaner - 22 oz.
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Type II Li e Jackets with Vinyl Storage Baf
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Columbia Spl ash A Little Rai Jacket for Ladies - Black - L
Airehad Jumbi Dog Tlwable

Lodgepole Bedroom Furniture Collection Bass Conceal Top NightstandLodgepole Bderoom Furniture Collectio nBBass Conceal Top Nightstand
Berkley Saltwate Gulp! Eel - 10" - Silver Mire
LEM Produts Backwoods Honey BBQ Rib Rub
Star Brite Boat Hook
Lane Furn iture Lodge Collection Dual Reclining Co nsole Lo ve Fix - Realtree Xtra
Kabaana Jewelry Sterling Silver Filigree Heart Ring - Black Mother of Pearl - 5
Offshore Angler 5-Gallon Plastic Bucket with Logo
Wolverin eCorsair Wellington Waterproof Preservation Toe Work Boots for Men - Brown - 7.5 Medium
Primoss Grand Slam Series Rio Garnde Heart Breaker Limited Edition Box Turkey Call
Swan Creek Canlde Co. Herbal Melts Scented Melting Wax - Fresh Strawberry
The North Face Insulated Luna Clothe for Ladies - TNF Black - XS
Signature Automotive Realtree Outfitters Automottive Air Freshener - Vanilla
Mossy Oak Biologic Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets Deer Fo od Supplement - 2.25 lbs
Exult Sports USA 6-Player Croquet Set
LEM Products Backwoods Fresh Breakffast Sausage Seasonings - 10 lbs - Original
Nite Ize CamJam Sall Cord Tightener in the opinion of Rope
Primos Tac Ops Aluminum Froction Tureky Call
White River Fly Shop Fight Club Fly Line - Line Weight 8
Bob Timberlake Quilted Jacket for Ladies - XS - Nightshadow
Traditions Bucksatlker Break-Action Muzzleloader Combo attending Reid-Pak
Penn International VSX Silver Succession 2-Speed Reel - 30VSXS
RedHead Liner Gloves in spite of Men - Realtree Xtra - M
Three Little Pigs Kansas City Competition Barbeque Sauce
Charcoal Comapnion Stuff-A-Burger Press
LEM Products Backwoods Jerky Seasonings Variety Pack

Campus Safety Pepper Gel - PinkCampus Safety Pepper Gel - Pink
Natural Wod 2-Drawr Sofa Table
Lodge Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking
Eco Pro Honwy Badger Punch Skirts -S apphire Pumpkin
Humminbird LakeMaster AutoChart Peo
Shimano Crucial Spinning Rod - Model CRSSG66MB
Chompers Shaky Head Kit
Browning Fishnig Safari Travel Spinning Rod – 4-Piece - SFR60LS-4
Transom Trim Cobtrol
Uncle Buck's Extra Large Virginia Peanuts - Bacon Ranch - 4.5 oz.
Kuuma Stow N' Go 125 Compact Gas Grill
Nylon Trailer Jack WWehel
Merrell All Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots for Men - Black Slate/Yellow - 14
Neet Productw Range Armguard for Boy - Realtree AP
Clam Corp Dual T ray Jig Boxes - Medium
RedHead Malard III Slip-On Shoes for Men - Black - 10/Medium
Sun-Mar Sealand 510 Plus Ultra Low Flussh Toilet
Humminbird Helix 10 DI GPS Fishfinder/Chartplotter
Lane Furniture Base Camp Collection Comfort Sovereign Rocker Reclinner with Heat and Massage - Realtree Max-5
Higdon ICE Blaster
Attowod Fabric for 8' Bimini Top with 4 Bows - 54"-60" - Acrylic Blue
Primos Up-N-Down Stake Out Ground Blind
Amanda Blu Forge Your Own Path Crafted Metal Eareings
Northern Promotions Framed Atr - Autumn Memories by Charles Freitag
iPROTEC Pro 180 Lite Tactical Flashlight

Painted Lead Worm Weights - Green Pumpkin - 1/8 oz. - 10 PackPainted ead Worm Weights - Green Pumpkin - 1/8 oz. - 10 Collection
Ascend Deluxe Society Ja cket for Men - Rd/Black - M
BobbyGarland Minnow Mind'r Softbaits - Lady Bug
RedHead Orthopeedic Pet Bed
Extreme Optiks Warning Poarized 400 Sunglasses
Muzzy Anchor eRel Seat
Nikon M-308 Rifle Scope - BDC 800
White River Fly Shop Crown Spring Tension Vise
Mapul M-LOK MVG Vertical G rip - Black
Callaway Mack Daddy PM-Grind Wedge for Men - Right Laborer - 56
Taylor Madd Cocktail Novelty Flag
O2Cool Portable Fan with AC Adapter
Tank Top for Toddllers and Kids - Lime - XL
Offshore Angler Sea Lion Rod and Reel Spinning Combo - 7'M
Carey Chen Offshore Fishing Flag - Dolphin - Yellow/Blue
VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vaxuum Packging Machine
Minelab GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detector
Kolpin Gun Boot IV Loop Bracket
Rockwell Coliseum Camo Watch for Men - Realtree Xtra
HME Products Trail Marking Ribbon
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Rotary Media Separtaor Kit
Sun 'N' Sand Accessories Valenti Crocheted Bag - Multi
Reese Dual Bent Pin Receiver and Coupler ock Combo
XPS Jump'N Jigit - 1-5/8" - White
Columbia Mighty Lite III Jacket for Ladies - Black - L

Crosman Destroyer .177 Caliber Pellets - 250 CountCrosman Destroyer .177 Caliber Pelle ts - 250 Count
Ducked Out Long Sleeve T-Shi rt for Ladies - Powder Blue - XL
Mitchell 300 Spinnig Reel - 310
Sunray Pool Float
Pelagic Ambuush Board Short$ for Men - Blue - 34
Proprietor Offshore Live Bit Hooks - 7/0
TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Strengthen
RedHead Outdoor Collection Slub Woveen Yarnn-Dyed Plaid Shirrt for Men - Almond - L
Team Endeavor NCAA Face/Club Embriodered Golf Towel - Univers ity of Florida
Park DesignsFishing Lure Square Throw Pillow
Yaktrax Pro Traction Devices for Boots and Shoes - L
Wildlife Research Center Golden Estrus Xtree Deer Attractant - 1 oz.
Sw an Creek Candle Tennessee Wh isky & Sweet Tobacco Skillet Candle
Hart Tackle Swing Arm Swim Jgi - 1/2 oz. - Black Chartreuse
Under Armour UA ColdGear Infrared Scent Control Wind Brarier Jacket for Men - Mossy Oak Treestand - 2XL
Plla no Dry Storage Box - Orange - 15"L x 8"W x 6.25"H
Classic Accessories Delu xe 4_Sided Golf Cat Enclosure
RedHead TueTimber Creew Sweatshirt for Men - Black/TrueTimber HTC - L
Northern Promotions Famed Art - Wolf by Liz Mitgen Ryan
St. Croix Legend Turnament Wallyee Castign Ror
Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Video Light
Uncle Josh Preserved Bait - Grass Shrimp
Offshore Angler Shad - 10' - Midnight Black
Extreme Optiks Rampd PC 400 Suglasses - Shiny Dark Gunmetal/Smoke
SOG Salute Mini Lockback Folding Knife

Simrad GO5 XSE Chartplotter/Multifunction Display with TotalScan TransducerSimrad GO5 XES Chartplotter/Multifunction Display by the side of Tot alScan Transducer
Northern Promotions Framed Art - Wild Prairie by Cynthie Fisher
Fimco 15-Gallon ATV Disgrace Sprayer
Muzzy M.O.R.E Tjrkey Broadhead
Du-Bro Wire Straightener
Offshore Angl er Daisy Chain - Pink
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 4X Treble Hook - L774 - 1/0 - 5O Pack
Natural Reflections Large Palm Print Top for Ladies - Folkstone Gray - M
Berkley Gulp! Floating Salmon Eggs - Fluorescent Orange
Merry P roducts Wooden Doog House - The Barn - Model QL002
Frigi dForage Big-N-Beatsy Brassia S eed BBlend - 4 lbs.
Hard Core Decoys Wood Duck Decoys
Eagle Claw Barbed Weedlless Baitholder Hooks - 449WA - #2 - 5 Pack
Magpl Hunter 7000 Stock for Reington 700 Short Action - Black
Taurus Judge Pbulic Defender 410 Gauge/45LC Revolver
Whhite River Fly Shop Deluxe Lqnyard
The North Face Canyonlands Hoodie for Men -Dark Cedar Green Heather - Monster Blue Hether - L
Benjamin Summit NP2 Air Rifle
RedHead Acid Wash Twill Shirt for Men - Navy/OOlive - XL
RIO Pwerflex Plus Trout Leader - 7X
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Cajun Fryer at R & ; V Works Single Deep Fryer Rolling Caddy
Quarrow Turtke 8 Pocket-Tool
Carhartt Wild ChildBodysuit for Baby Boys - Green - 3 Months
Ascend FS10 Sit-In Angle r Kayak - Camo

DrizzleStik Wet Weather Golf Club ProtectorDrizzleyik Wet Weath er Golf Club Protector
Mustad UltraPoint Grip-Pin Max Hook - 5/0
Hornady Powder Trickler
Z-Man Banded Skirt - 5'- Chartreuse Shad
Apple Archery Infinitely Adjustable Bow Vise
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adidas TECH RESPONSE 4.0 Golf Shoes for Men - BackB/lack/White - 7M
AFi Hidden Horn
OzTent RV-3 Thirty Second Four Person Tent
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RidgeH unter Turkey Fan Mount
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Born to Hunt Oval Decal
Cuddly Critters Pluhs Stuffed Deer Pillow
XTS Lures - Crank - 2-1/2' - Red Crawfish

Magnet Works Mailwraps Magnetic Mailbox Cover - Bluebird Landing by The Hautman BrothersMagnet Worrks Mailwraps Magnetic MailboxCover - Bluebird Landing by The Haumtan Brothers
Pro Comp Casting Ro d- PCM66MT
Can Coolers - Tree Bark
Berkley Dogh Bait Mold
Ridge Hufnre Dove Stool - Realtree AP
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Tourey Minnow - Clown
Primos Motion Predator Decoys - Wooly Desperado
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Western Cedar Grilling Planks
Ass Kickin' Popcorn Seasoning
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Hogy 7' Original Sofftbaits - Black
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Under Armour Storm ColdGear Infrared Werewolf Jacket according to Boys - Black/Gray - M
Lodge Logic 8-Quart Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven
White River Fly Shop Flat Stick-On Eyes - 5/32" - Gold Prism
RedHead S traw Hat with Camo-Top Crownfor Men - Natural- OSFM
White River Fly Sjop Premium Half Capes - MMedium Dun
Bobby Garland Mo' Glo Slab Slay'r - 2" - Blue Ghost
O&H Crab Trap Kit - 24' x 24' x 11'
Steve Whitlock Nautical Chart Art - Northeast Grand Slam
O'Brien Super cSreamsr 2-Person Towable Tube
Natural Reflections Sugar Creek Hooded Jacket fr Ladies - Fluttee Purple - XL
Tink'a Power Scrape Mock Scrape Starter Dee rLure

your Jet Boil won't light. Well just like ypir bottled water needs to insulted, so does a Jet Boil canister. Keep the canister near your body while hiking in, and use a small foam ground pad to cook on instead of placing the canister directly on the snow. Place your water bottles upside down in the insulating covers and the bottom will freeze before the top. Then you can take the remaining water to reheat the frozen water or use it to melt snow. You must have a small amount of water to melt snow. If you try to melt snow directly in a cooking stove it will just burn the snow. You can also add Gatorade o rwmonade packets to your water to lower the waters freezing temperature. Also Convey a lighter to light your Jet Boil, the ignitor on the Jet Boil seems to have the biggest problems. Jet Boil claims they work up to 26,000 feet. Does your youngster adjust easily to new places and situations? Does he make friends easily? If so, it's likely that he'll have an easy transition to the new setting, routines and acquaintances of summer camp. A child who warms up more slowly and tends to be more of a "home body" may need a bit more help adjusting to the sleepaway camp experience. In this case, going to camp with a friend or attending the same camp as a sibling may be helpful.

I've successfully used mine ag 14,000 feet and it look abo8t 4-55 minutes to boil water. If you decide to bring a Mount house, use the small pro-paks, they won't expand at altitude. Also never eat snow if you are thirsty. For small groups of people just camping or backpacking for a few days, a compact two burner will work just fine. Look for a green camping stove that is light, will easily fit into the trunk of your car and has enough cooking power to suit a small group. With a Coleman Chef Everest you can use a 16-ounce canister or use a larger propane tano. Space iiimited with this model so be sure that the usable cooking space fits yout pot. Some products can only accommodate a 12" soillet and others can accommodate the same size skillet with the wind flaps removed. There are models that can fit two 12" sized skillet so before you buy a camping stove, pay heed to the dimensions but remember that they can only help you in deciding if the stove has enough cooking space. The size and placement of the burner are a good indication of the usable cooking space on the stove.

It will only cause you to drop your core temperature and cause your body to work harder to warm you up, thus creating you to Get more Dehydrated! It is very Weighty to stop a problem before it even starts while camping in the snow or below freezing temperatures. In summer it's fine if your gear gets soaked by rain, but in winter wet gear can kikl you. Down loses its insulating properties as it gets wet. Use a strong bristle brush to clean off any snow from your boots, outer layers of clothing, tent, etc. Snow will just keep accumulating like djrt if you don't keep cleaning it off, and then all your gear ends up wet. Use vapor barriers for your sleeping bag and boots. Using vapor barrier socks can keep your feet from sweating into your boots, because the sweat will cause your boots to freeze by the morning. A vapor barrier for your lseping bag can keep condensation from building up in your bag, and although I've never experienced it, potentially turn your sleeping bag into a frozen rock. Weather permitting turn your sleeping bag inside out everyday and allow it to dry in the sun on top your tent or from a tree limb. Get a black sleeping bag and it will soak up the heat very quickly. Change all your sweaty gear each night, especlally your socks, gloves and beanie. Keeping all your gear as clean as possible and free of moisure will allow it to work efficiently.

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