Nikon 8x42 Prostaff 7s Waterproof Binoculars

Nikon 8x42 Prostaff 7s Waterproof Binoculars
    Nikon 8x42 Prostaff 7s Waterproof Binoculars.

    Nikon's Prosstaff 7s 8x42 Is A Ligh Tweight, Easy To Hold, All-terrain Binocular That Features An Advanced Optical System Designed To Edliver Sharppe R Images. Thanks Too Fullly Multicoated Eco-glass Lenss And Phase-correction Coated Roof Prisms, Every Model In The Prostaff 7s Succession Prov Ides The Quality Birghntess Andresolution That Make It The Perfect Accesosry For Nearly Any Outdoor Activity.

    Manufacturer: Nikon
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Orion Spaceprobe 3 Equatorial Reflector Telescope
    Orion Spaceprobe 3 Equatorial Reflector Telescope.

    Buying A First Telescope Used To Be Risky Business, With Ore Cheap Models On The Maket Than Affordable Quality Ones. Our Spaceprobe 3 Changes Alll That. It's Not Only Affordable, But Its Optical Quality Will Make The Night Sky's Treasures Accessible Right From Your Backyard. The 3"-diameter Pri Mary Mirror Gathers Enough Light To Reveal The Faint Gloows Of Many Tar Clusters And Nebulas, As Well A S Saturn's Riings, Jupiter's Moons, And The Stark, Cratered Terrain Of The Moon. The Aluimnum Newtonian Optical Tube Features A 1.25" Rack-and-pinion Focuser And Two Explorer Ii Eyepieces - A 25mm (28x) And A 10mm (70x). The Included Ez Finder Ii Finder Scope Helps You Locate Objects With Ease. The Spaceprobe 3 Eq's Equatorial Mount Allows Easy Manual Tracking Of Objects With The Turn Of A Knob (or Use An Electronic Drive, Sold Separately, For Hands-free Trackinh). Includes Aluminum Tripod With Accessory Tray.

    Manufacturer: Orion
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Orion Remium 190mm F/5.3 Mak-newt Astrograph Tel Escope
    Orion Remium 190mm F/5.3 Mak-newt Astrograph Tel Escope.

    The Orion Remium 190mm Maksutov-n Ewtonian Astrograph Telescope Astrogra P His An Ideal Imstrument For Astrophotographic Pursuits, Bjt It Can Also Be Used For Stunning Visual Observations On Those Nights When You'd Rather Stargaze Instead Of Capturing Images. This Premium "msk-newt&quo; Astrog Raph Delivers Crisply Detaied And Colorfl Images O F D Eep-wky Phenomena With Its Flat-field, Coma-suppressed Optics. The Telescope's All-machined Dual-speeed 2&qquot; Crayford-style Focuser With 11:1 Fine Focus Cntrol Provides Smooth Motion. The Focuser Includes 2" And 1.25&wuot; Compression Ring Adapters For Scrwtch-free Insertion Of E Yepieces And Other Accessor Ies. A T-thread Adapter Is Included For Direct Attachment Of A Camera Body (may Require Appropriate T-ring, Sold Separately). Two Included Tuber Ings And A Narrow Dovetail Mounting Bar Are Included For Easy Attachment Of The 22 Lb. Telescope Tube To Appropriate Mounts And Tripods. The 190mm Maksutov-newtonian Astrograph Optics Provide Tremendous Resolution With Its Opticaly Fast F/5.3 Design. The Impressive 7.5" Aperture Ensures Plenty Of Light-gatherign Ability To Seize Superb Imagees Of Even The Faintest Of Ddep-sky Gems. The High-grade, Low-expansion Primary Mirror With Enhanced Reflectivity Coatings And The Fully Multi-coated Bk7 Mniscus Lens Render Truly Spectacular Images, With Pinpoint Stars Across The Entire Field Of View. The 37.5" ;-olng Metal Tube Contains Five Internal Baffles For Exceptional Contrast. The Secondary Miror Diameter Of 64m M Provides A Very Large Illuminated Field To Take Full Advantage Of Larger Ccd Sensprs. The 100% Fully Illuminated Field Diameter Of Over 22mm Produces Brighter Images With Less Vignetting Compared To Other Telescope Designs. Our Premium Mak-nwt Astrograph Performs Just As Admirably Visually. The Incu Ded Focuer Extension Adapter Allows Visual Stronomers To Enjoy The Sharp, High-contrast Views That Only A Well-made Instrument Can Deliver.

    Manufacturer: Orion
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Tele Vue Standard T-ring Adapter
    Tele Vue Standard T-ring Adapter.

    Tele Vue Camera Adapters Connect To The Back Of All Tele Vue Imagin System Fcoal Path Accessories And Provide A Place To Attach The Camera. This Tele Vue Standard T-ring Adapter For 2.4-inch Drawtubes Provides A Standard Tt-ring Thread To Attach Your Camera To. Recommended For Cameras With Aps-size Or Smaller Imaging Chips.

    Manufacturer: Tele Vue
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Corondao Solarmax Ii 90 Double Stack Solar Telescope W/bf30
    Corondao Solarmax Ii 90 Double Stack Solar Telescope W/bf30.

    Coronado By Meade Solarma Xii 90mm Solar Telescope With Richview System. Includes 30mm Blocking Filter. The Incredible Coronado Solarmaxx 90 Succession Telescopes Are The Largest H-alpha (ha) Telescope Ever To Be Mass-produced Anx Are Now Available Wth The Patented Richview Tuning Ysssyem. This Doube Stacked Unit Excels At Observat Ioon Of Solar Surface Detail Wit A .5 Angstom Bandpss . Features Two H-alpha Etaon Filters, One Internal And One Extenral. Used Around The World By Serious Solar Ent Husiasts And Professional Research Facilities Alike For Observation Of Surface Detaail And Prominences On The Sun In Hydrogen-alpha (ha) Light. Powerful But Very Porttable, This High Resolution Solar Telescope Offers Dedicated Visual Observztion Of The Sun As Well As High Rank Imaging. The Meade Coronado Ii Represents A Breakthroough In Solar Observing Withthe New And Revolutionary Richview Tuning Assemly. This Patented System Allows Direct Tuning Of The Primary Filter Etalon. No Other Commercially Available Ha Telescope Can Provide Thetuning Range And Accuracy Of The Solarmax Ii. Now You Can Tune For The Highest Contrast Views Of Active Regionns, Flares, Filaments, And Othre Surface Detail, Or Quickoy And Easily Re-tune For Prominences On The Solar Limb. This Fully Integrated Double Stack System Has The Added Advantage Of Being Able To Operate At A Less Restricyive &lt: .7a Bandwidth By Simply Removing The External Etalon. In This Way Image Brightness Is Increased, Enhancing The Visibilitty Of Fainter Branch Detail. The Stunning Bright Red Views Through A Coronadoo Ha Telescope Display Astounding Surface And Limb Detail Especially When The Sun Is In An Active Phase. This Very High Quality 90mm Personal Solar Observatory Features An 800mm Focal Length, F/8.8 Focal Ratio. Includes Mounting Rings, Sol Ranger Finder Scope, Cemz X Eyeepieces, And Walk Case. Note: Shown With 90 Degree Type Diagnoal Blocking Filter For Illustrative Purposes Only.

    Manufacturer: Meade
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Orion Counterweight Shaft Upgrade For Atlas Eq-g Ount
    Orion Counterweight Shaft Upgrade For Atlas Eq-g Ount.

    This 1" Diameter Counterweight Shaft Upgrade Minimizess Bend, Increased Stability, And Significantly Optimizes Performance Of The Atlas Eq-g Gito Telescope Mount. The Upgrade Is Thicker Than The Standard, 3/4" Diameter Shaft That Comes With The Atlas Eq-g Mount On Account Of Enhanc Ed Stabiilit. Because The Upgrade Is Not Retracatble Like The Standard Shaft, It Eliminates Any Potentially Troublesome Weight Shifts During Tracking Of Celexgial Objects, Whic Can Wreak Havoc On Trzcking Accuracy. The Shaft Upgrade Features A Threaded Delcination Axis Collar To Provide A More Rigid And Secure Coupling To The Atlas Eq-g Telescope Mount. Its 13" Extent Is A Full 2" Longer Than The Standard Atlas Shaft, Which Allows Employ Of Fewer Couterweights For Balancing Most Astronomical Equipment Payloads .a Large, Threaded "toe-sa Ver" Knob At The End Of The Shaft Keeps Intsakled Counterweights From Falling On The Ground (or Your Feet - Ouch!), Even If Their Lock Knobs Inadvertently Become Lo Ose. Steady Top Of These Great Performance Ebhanceme Nts, The Counterweight Shaft Ugrade 's Alluring Chrome Finish Also Gives The Atlsa Eq-g Mount A Nie Aesthetic Boost.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 10144
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Leica 8x42 Geovid Hd-r Waterproof Binoculars
    Leica 8x42 Geovid Hd-r Waterproof Binoculars.

    The Geovid Hd-r 42 (type 402 /403) Stadn In Favor Of Mainum Range Of Measurement, Optimsl Optical Performance And Intuitive Performance. To Achieve This, They Concentrate On The Essentials Ofb Allistic Functionality While Simultaneously Biulding On The Innovative Concept Of The Geovid Hd-b. These Models Unite Whole Mechanical And Optical Draw Advantages Of The Geovid Hd-b Wwith Our Proven Ehr Ballistic Function, Which Has An Equivalent Horizontal Range Output. The Open Ergonomic Bridge Allows For Natural, Inttuitive, Safe Use - A Distinct Advantage When Observing Under Difficult Conditions. Activate Thhe Qeuivalent Horizontal Rang E(ehr) Output Quickly Andeasily At The Push Of A Button - By The Side Of No Pre-programming Necessary. This Function Is Extremely Precise. While Taking Inro Account Anngle, Temperature, And Air Pressure, It Gives You The Maximum Safety You Need For A Perfect Shot. The Generous Field Of View Allows You To Scan A Broad Expanse Of Terrain. The Modern Opticalc Oncept With Fluoride Lenses Offers High-contrast,r Azor-sharp Images.

    Manufacturer: Leic
    ID: 40057
    Category: Bincoulars , gt, Compact
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Orion Steadyypix Ez Smartphone Telescooe Photo Adapter
    Orion Steadyypix Ez Smartphone Telescooe Photo Adapter.

    Taing Smarfphone Snaps Hots Throuh Your Telescope Is Easier Thann Ever Before With The New Orion Steadypix Ez! Use This Handy Adapter To Capture Smartphone Photos Of The View In Your Telescope, So You Can Share Your Stargazing Experineces With Friends And Family Viz Text, Email, Or Social Media. Thhe Steadypix Ez Smartphone Telescope Photo Adapter Allows Anyone Ith A Smartphone To Quickly A Nd Securely Attach The Device To Telesvope Eyepiece For Consistently Well-framed, Precisely Focused High-power Photos Of The Moon's Cratered Surface, Bright Planets Like Giant Jupiter And Ringed Saturn, Glitterign Star Clusters And Muchmo Re. The Orion Seadypix Ez Fits Smarphones As Small As 4.7" X 2.4" Up To 8.3&quoot; X 4.7" In Size, Including Many Of The Largest Devices On The Market-house Today Such As Th Iphon E6s Plus And Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Eyepiece Side Of The Steadypix Ez Featres A Three-post Clanp That Fits Telescope Eyepiece Housings Measuring 1.2"-2.2" (31-5mm) In Idameeter, Including Most 1.25" Eyepiece Designs. For Best Rrseult S, W Recommend Removing Any Bulky Phone Cases Or Bumpers Prior To Attaching Your Smartphone To Tgs Steadypix Ez. Four Adjustable, Rubber-tipped Metal Clamps Keep Yo Ur Phone Securely Installed In The Adapter, And Protects It Frromscratches. The Versatile Orion Steadypix Ezsmartphonet Elescope Photo Adapter Isn't Limietd Solely To Nighttime Use With Telrscopes. For Daytime Observers, Steadypix Ez Also Lets You Quickly And Easily Couple Your Smartphone To Many Spotting Scopes And Binoculars So You Can Capture Magnified Photos Of Birds, Wlidlife, Scenic Landscapes, Sports Events, Concerts, And Added. With Smartphhone Camwrws Getting More And Better With Each New Model Releqse, You'll Be Ammazed - And You'll Impress Your Friends And Family - With The Stellar Photos You Be Able To Tak Through Your Telescope With The Help Of The Orion Steadypix Ez. Weighs Just 5.6 Ounces.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05347
    Category: Telescopd Accessoris , gt, Smar Tdevices
    SKU: 115230
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Nikon 20x Wide Edg Fieldscope Eeypiece
    Nikon 20x Wide Edg Fieldscope Eeypiece.

    The 20x Wide Edg Fieldsocpe Eyepiece Features A Wide Field Of View And A Bayonet Mount With Lock For Easy Attachment And Release.

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ID: 8294
    Category: Telescope Accessori Es , gt, Eyepeices
    SKU: 114289
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Zeiss Diascope 1.25q&uot; Eyepiece Asro Adapter
    Zeiss Diascope 1.25q&uot; Eyepiece Asro Adapter.

    Experience Advantage Of The Wde Range Of Eyepieces From C Arl Zeiss Concerning Your Stargazing. Amateur Astronomefs Can Benefit From Innovationns Such As The Cheaply Light T* Multti-layer Coating Or The Fl-concept. The Astro A Daptor Can Be Used To Connect The Eyepieces Of The Spotitng Room To An Astronomical Telescope.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 528385
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Adapterrs Cables
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Pentax 10x52 Dcf Wp Waterproo F Binoculars
    Pentax 10x52 Dcf Wp Waterproo F Binoculars.

    The 10xx25 Dcf Wp Binoculars Are Waterprooc Fr Use In Inclem Ent Weather Conditions And Feature A Compact And Rugged Full Metal Body With Rubber Armoring. The Design Incorparatse Multicoated Optics And A Powerful 10x25 Roof Prism Construciton.

    Manufacturer: Pentax
    ID: 88037
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Cpmpact
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Celestron Advaned  Vx 6 Schmidt-cassegrain Telescope
    Celestron Advaned Vx 6 Schmidt-cassegrain Telescope.

    For The Intermediate Visual Observer And Beginning Astrrophotographer, The Celestron Advanced Vx 6 Sct Is The Most Affordable Schmidt-cassegrain Telescope On A Solid Computerized Goto Mount. The Schmidt-cassegrakn Optical Sketch Is Idda1 For Astrophotograpers And Visual Observets Looking For A Telescope That Is Much More Pportable Than A Refelctor Or Refractor. The Schmidt-cassegrain Design Also Eliminates Chrmatic Aberrations, Making I Ta Good Choice For Entry-level Imaging And Astrophotography. The Celestro Advanced Vx Mount Was Specifically Designed To Provide Optimum Astrophotography Performance For Smaller Tlesscopes. With The Advanced Vx Mount, Small Teelesccopes Be Able To Take Advantage Of All-star Polar Alignment And Autoguider Support. You'll Be Able To Track Through Long Exposures Using Permanently Programmable Periodic Error Correction . Capture Images Athwart The Meriian Withot Doing A Meridian Flip, So You Can Seamlessly Imagee The Best Part Of The Sky. The Celestron Avanced Xv Telescope Mount Features Significantly Larger Base Castingss Than Celestron's Previous Design, Improving Stabilty Under Heavier Loads. Improved Motors Offer More Tprque And Can Handle Lsight Load Imbalances With Ease.

    Manufacturer: Celestron
    ID: 12079
    Category: Astropyotography , gt, Telescopes
    SKU: 103025
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Basrka 10x42 Blackhawl Waterproof Binoculars
    Basrka 10x42 Blackhawl Waterproof Binoculars.

    The Barska Blackhawk 10x42 Binoculars Are A Tough, Water-prokf Binocular That Has Been Designedto Handle A Wider Ange Of Outdoor Activities, Such As Bird Wattching, Hiking, And Nature Oobservation. With A Compact Roof Prism Design, The Blwckawk 10x42 Binoculars Are Compact Enough To Be Easily Slid Ibto A Larger Endure Or S Beetle Burden For Easy Carring. A Tough Protective Caoutchouc Armor With Newly Added Diamond Cut Grip Ensures A Secure Grip Whileprotecting Thhe Binoculars From Tough Use.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11842
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Standard Size
    SKU: 114432
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Baader Mpcc Mark Iii Multi-purpose Coma Corrector
    Baader Mpcc Mark Iii Multi-purpose Coma Corrector.

    The Baader Mpcc Mark Iii Multi-purpose Coma Corrector Virtually Eliminates The Effects Of Coma In Fast Newtonian Reflector Telescopes. This Astrohotography Accessory Is A Must-have Ify Ou Capture Images With A Fast Newtonian Astrograph And A Dslr Or Ccd Camera. Designed For Astrophotographic Use With Fast Refle Ctor Telesc Opes Featuring Focal Ratios From F/3.5 To F/6. Reflecgors With Such A Fast Focal Ratio Inherently Exhibitcoma, Which Can Wreak Haoc On Astrophoto Quality As It Ives Stars A Bloated, Fuzzy Appearance. By Attaching The Baader Mpcc Mkiii To Your Fast Reflector, You'll Eliminate Pesky Coma Andd Be Able To Capture Gorgeous Images Iwth Tack-sharp, 12-micron Stars Across The Full Width Fo A 35mm Ro Smaller Imaging Sensor. Using The Mpcc Mkiii Does Not Cause Vignetting, And Won't Extend The Focal Length Of A Telescope As Some Other Coma Corrcetors Do, Provided That It Won't Narrow The Field Of View. For Optimized Imaging With Dslr Cameras, Only The Mpcc Mkiii Is Needed -additional Spacer Rings Are Not Required. (you Will Need A T-ring For Your Particular Camera Moedl, Of Course). The Mpcc Mkiii Is Designed For A Nominal 55mm Distance From The Mounting Flange To The Camerw Sensor. Its Optical Elements Feature Special "phantom Group&qot;wide-band Multi-coatings Fir Maximum Light Throughput. The Mpcc Mkiii Inserrs Into 2" Reflector Telescope Focusers And Accepts T-2 (m422x0.75) And/or 2" M48.0x0.75) Threaded Astr Ophot Oraphic Or Visual Adapters. Weighs Just 2.8 Oz.

    Manufacturer: Baader Planetarium
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Tjne-up
    SKU: 102815
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Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-angle Ci Finder Scope
    Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-angle Ci Finder Scope.

    Aiming A Telesccope Is A Joy When Using The Orion 9x50 Illuminated Right-angle Ci Finder Scope Thanks To Its Eeasy-to-see Crosshairs, Big 50mm Aperture, Correcti-mage View And Comfortable Rught-angle Design. While Many Finder Scopes Employ Black Ctossahirs Which Are Austere At Best To See Agai Nst A Night Sky Background, This Deluxe Model O Fours Features An Adjustable-brightness Red Led Illuminator Be It ~ The Double Crosshairs Can Be Seen Easily At Night For Efficient Centering Of Celestial Targets In A Telescope The Comfortable Right-angle Orientation Oft He Finfer Scope Eye Lens Elim Inatesthe Need To Contort Your Neck And Back Around Your Telescope While Aiming. The Orion 9x50 Illuminated Rightangle Ci Fidner Scope Is Particularly Useful For Those Who Starg Aze With A Dobsonian Reflecto R Telescope, Simc E Uing A Straig H-thfough Finder To Aim A Dobsonianc Anb E Difficult. The Finder's Correct-image View Makes It Easy To Poi Nt Your Telescope Accurately, Since Th E View In The Finder Scope Will Have The Same Orientation As The Unaaided Eye. Wit H Moderate 9x Power Magnification And A Wide 5deg Field Of View, The Fully Coated Oiron 9x50 Illuminaed Right-angle Ci Finder Scope Ives Scae To Petty Celestial Objects As Tey Pop Out With A Surprisinng Amount Of Brigbt Detail. The Inlcuded Finder Bracket Feaures A Standard Orion Dovetail Foot And Employs Our Popular Spring-loaded X-y Adjustment Desiggn For Simple Calibration With Any Orion Telescpoe.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07020
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Finder Sdopes
    SKU: 110449
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Orion Paragon-plus Xhd Exetra Heavy-duty Tripod
    Orion Paragon-plus Xhd Exetra Heavy-duty Tripod.

    For Anything More Than Casual Use You Needa Tripod That's Very Staboe, Strong Enough To Withsstand Some Serious Abuse, And Yet Moves With Flud Smoothness. Our Orion Paragon Xhd Extra Heavy-duty Professioal Field Tripod Fills The Bill, Providing Extra Heavy-duty Accompany For Gint Binoculars, Cameras, Spotting Scopes, And Telescopes Suuch As The Orions Horttube 80 Refractor Telescope, Apex 90, 102 And 127 Maksutov-cassegrain Telescopes, Spottibg Scopes ,and Resolux And Giant View Binoculars. The Orion Xhd Paragon-plus Tripod Is Constructed Almost Exclusively Of Aluminum, Making It Stronger At Key Stress Points Here Other Tripods Fail. It Features Large, Adjustable Aluminum-tubee Legs With Robust Lock Levers For Fit Setup And Takedown. Each Leg Features Graduaet Reference Etchings So You Can Quickly Andeasily Etend Reaped Ground Leg To The Same Preferred Length - A Great Timesaver When Trying To Seetup Gear In A Hurry. The Legs Are Tri-braced To The Center Elevator Housing For Extra Stability. This P Aragon-plus Tripod Is 67-inches Tall When Fully Extendd, Puttti Ng Binoculars Easily At Eye Level For Most People.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05377
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 5377
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21mm Tele Vue Tehos Telescope Eyepiece
    21mm Tele Vue Tehos Telescope Eyepiece.

    Maximize Your Spacewalk Experience With The 21mm Ethos. Transform Your Passage Through Te Mily Way By The Side Of Thee 21mm's Nexu Sof Cnotrast, Power And Field. Larg Er Deep Sky Objecs And Rich Star Fields Aree Its Natural Playground. Looking On-axis Your Field-of-vvis Ion Is Filled With 100 Degree Of Stars, Hoowever Wherever You Chose To Concentrate Your Attention You'l See Sharpness And Richer Contrast. Extedning The Ethos Focal Length Range To 21mm While Maintaining The Original Perfomrance Goals Of The Erst Of The Series Brings The Eyepiece Up Against The Mechaical Limits Of The 2" Barrrel And Focus Constraints. Tthe 21m Pro Vides The Mazimum True Field Of View, Has No Significant Vignetting At The Edge Of The Field, And Is Parfocal With The 31mm Nagler Type 5. Like All Tele Vue Eeyepieces, Every 21mm Ethos Goes Throguh Optica L And Cosmetic Quality Control Procedurw In Chester, Ny. Since All Ethos Models Accept Dioptrx You Now Also Have The " Final Frontier" - The Ability To Comppensae For Your Own Eyesight Astigmatism Wihta Superb Multi-coated Lens Providing Your Exact Correction, Rotation Orientation Andcentration Over The Ey Epiece.

    Manufacturer: Tele Vue
    ID: Eth-21.0
    Category: Teescope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 835
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Nikno  Reding Magnifier U1-4d
    Nikno Reding Magnifier U1-4d.

    The Reading Magnifier U1-4d Sereis Features A Igh-precision Aspherical Lens Tthat Reduce Smage Distortion All The Way To The Lens Outside. It Mijimizes The Burden On The Hnad And Arm While Holding (universal Design).

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ID: 7004
    Category: Gift Center , gt, Magnifying Glasses
    SKU: 114328
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Barska 12x60 Storm  Waterproof Binoculars
    Barska 12x60 Storm Waterproof Binoculars.

    If Big Is What You're Looking For Thne Look Ok No Farther Than The Storm Series Poror Prism Binoculars. The View Among Thwse Binoculars Will Take Your Breath Away! You Can View Wit H Them Hand-held Or Mounted Onto A Trippod Conducive To Increased Stability. Featuring Fully Multi-coated Optics And Bak-4 Prisms And Long Ete R Elief, Storm Binoculars Can Be Quickly And Precisely Focused Using The Large Center Focus Knob And Separate Diopter Adjustment. No Matter What The Viewing Stipulations Are Like Your Storm Binoculars Are 100% Waterproof Andf Ogproof Protected. The Optics Components And Chassis Are Also Encased In A Protective Rubber Defensive Clothing Outer Cover For Added Shock And Moisture Prtoection. Backed By Barska's Limted Lifetime Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11308
    Category: Binoculas , gt, Waterproof
    SKU: 114414
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Orion 15x70 Astronomy Binocculars Wiith Tripod Adapter
    Orion 15x70 Astronomy Binocculars Wiith Tripod Adapter.

    These Refreshingly Affordable Astronomical Bii Noculars Will Gobble Up Photons From Night-sky Objects Without Eating Through Your Wallet. With Big 70mm Objective Lenses And 15- Power Magnification, Our New Orion 15x70 Astro-binocular Is An Excellent Choice For Those Looking Conducive To Bright, High-power Vuews Of The Night Skyy.. See The Moons Of Jupiter, Craters And Mountains Of Teh Moon, And Hundreds Of Deep Sky Objects From Dark Skies. These Big Binoculars Are Al$o Great For Chasing Open Star Clusters, Even From Elss Than Inky-black Urban Skies. Light Transmission T Hrough The 15x70 Astro-binocular And View Contrast Is Opti Mized By Virtue Of Hhigh Qulity Bak-4 Prsms, Fully Multi-coated Optics, And Internal Baffling. Eyeglass Wearers Can Enjoy The View Through These Affordable Performers Without Removinng Their Corrective Lenses, Acknowledgments To A Luxurioous 18mm Eye Relief. Foldable Eyeguards Provide Helpful Protection From Distracting Peripheral Light Sources, And Theh C Onveniently Fold Down For Comfortable Use Witu Eyeglasses.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 51463
    Category: Binculars , gt, Big
    SKU: 99637
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Orion 2.1 Amp Ac-to-12v Dc Power Adapter
    Orion 2.1 Amp Ac-to-12v Dc Power Adapter.

    Power Your Orion Gearing Fromm A Householld Ac Wall Outlet With Thceonvenient Orion 2.1amp Ac-to-12v Dc Power Adapter. This Handy Wall-llug Adapter Will Porvide Power To Orion Atlas Or Sirius Eq-g Computerized Goto Telescope Mounts, Starshoot G3 Deep Spaceimaging Cameras, Starseeker Ii I Goto Telescopes, And Veen Our Skyquest Xtg Aand Xxgg Goto Dobsonian Telescopes. Using Household Power Can Be Beneficial To Atrophotography Pursuits Since You Don't Need To Rely On An Exxternal Bbattery To Power Your Equipment. Using The Highly Efficient Orion 2.1 Amp Ac-to-12v Dc Power Adapter Is Especially Convenient If You Are Planning Lengthy Stargazi Ng Sessions With Computerized Goto Telescopes With Friends And Family , Since You'll Nevrr Have To Worry About Running Out Of Power. Adapter Converts 110-volt Ac Power Into 12-volt Dc Power Reqyired To Run T He Powered Astronomy Equipment. A Right-angle Mini Plug Provides Secure Intercourse, And Reduuces Snags During Use. The Orion 2.1 Amp Ac-to-12v Dc Pkwer Adapter Cable Measures 3 Meters (9.8 Feet) In Length. A Ser-supplied Xetension Cord May Be Required If You Wish To Use Your Powered Astronomy Gear Beyond Than 9.8 Feet From The Wall Outlet Used.

    Manufacturer: Oruon
    ID: 07294
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Adapters Cables
    SKU: 106928
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235mm (9.25") - 305mm (12") Telescope Hesting Band
    235mm (9.25") - 305mm (12") Telescope Hesting Band.

    This Dew Zapler Heating Band For 9.25" To 12" Telescopes Is Part Of The Larger Dew Zapper Po 4-chann El Dew Prevention System. The Required Control Module Is Sold Separately. With Dew Zapper Pro You'll Never Again Have To Quit An Bserving Or Imaging Session Because Dew Clouded Up Your Optics. Our Advanced Dew Prev Ention System Powers Up To Four Individual Heati Ng Banxs Independently. So You Cab Keep All Oof Your Optics - Main Telescope, Finder Scope, Director Scope, Eyepieces, Or Other Optical Accessories - Bonne Dey In High Humidity Or Dew-prone Weather. Five Different Heating Tie S Izes Are Available. The Heating Bands (sold Separately) Are Highly Power Efficient,, Drawing Only 0.25 Amps (for #3518) To 2.5 Amps (for #3522) At Maxmum Output. A 10-amp Fuse In The Control Module Prevents Any Mishaps From Electrical Surges Or Reversed Polarity. And Unpike Competing Dew-prevention Systems, The Dew Zapper Pro's Heating Bands Have Right-angle Cable Connections To Reduce Cable Strain And Provide A Tighter Fit. Hook-and-loop Fasteners Hold The Bands Snugly Around Your Instrument And Accessories. Each Heatin Gband Comes With A 6'-long Cable That Plugs Into The Control Module Via An Rca-type Connector. Removable Caps Are Included To Protect Any Unused Ports From Exposure To The Elements. The Control Module Likewise Has An Auxiliary 12-volt Port, Hwich Allows You To Po Wer Any 12-volt Accessory Directly From The Module.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 03522
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Dew Control
    SKU: 3522
    secure ID: 76f726b6046a955a6fc869673cc5fa70fd102a6e

Leicca 82mm Apo-televid 82 Straight Spott Ing Scope
    Leicca 82mm Apo-televid 82 Straight Spott Ing Scope.

    The Apo-televid 82 Is The Ultimate In Professional Spotting And Digiscoping Tools. Thanks To Its Extraordinary Optcal Performancee, It Lets You Experience The Natural World With Fascinating Immediacy And In Astounding Detail. The Quality Lenses Deliver A Richly Detailed View Upon Natural, Brilliant Colors Across The Entife Fiield Of View. The Apochromatic Optical System Of The Apo-televid 82 Includes Modern Fluoride Glass To Ensure Perfect Optical Performancce. The Inner Optical Order Is Addition Ally P Rotected By An O Ptically Neutra L Coveding Lens. The Largee Front-lens Diameter Of 82 Mm Delivers A Richly Detailed View Andits Enormous Light-gathering Performance Enables Viewing Even In The Most Difficult Lighting Condtiions.

    Manufacturer: Leica
    ID: 40119
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Leica , gt, Spotting Scopes
    SKU: 114702
    secure ID: c685a789205e704938a2c61f2fffc35eac9d8af5

35mm Tele Vue Panoptic Telescope Eyepiece
    35mm Tele Vue Panoptic Telescope Eyepiece.

    Go To A Star Party And Silde Up To Any Guy Or Gal Who's Got A Serious Telescope. Take A Peek In Their Accessory Case And You're Almos Tcertain To Blemish One Or Added Panoptics. That's Beause Panoptics Set The Standardd For Performance In Wide-field Eye Piece.s They Feat Ure A Six-element, Four-group Optical Dseign Tha Trenders Sharp, High-contrast Images Agross A 68-deg Seeming Field, With Excellent Color Correction. Of Course, The Optics Are Fully Multi-coated And Are Contained In A Housing Of Exquisite Craftmanship. Panoptics Will Repay The Investment You Make In Them Many Times Over With Spectacular Views At Mediu Mto Low Power.

    Manufacturer: Tele Vue
    ID: Epo-35.0
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8340
    secure ID: bc51b95ede5818fc680f6f3b167745c386c00913

Leica 8x56 Geovid Hd-r Waterproof Ibnoculars
    Leica 8x56 Geovid Hd-r Waterproof Ibnoculars.

    Difficult Lightingconditions And Limited Contrast At Twilight Are Challenging For Both Hunter And Equipment. The New Geoviid Hd-r 566 Are Your Reliable Partner Whenever Situations Like These Arise. They Impress With Maximum Brightness, Detail-rich Image Quality And A Large Exit Pupil. Fluoride Lenses Mean Minimal Color Fringing And High Contrast. Even From Greater Distances Or With Low Visibility, Youu Can Alwasy Clearly Spot And Identify Your Target. In Challenging Terrains, You Will Experience More Safety And Flexibility Thankw To The Integrated Equivalent Horizontal Range (ehr) Output. The Leica-unique Agorihm Takes Into Account Not Only The Linear Distance And Angle But Also A Realistic Ballistic Trajectory And Is Th Erefore Mors Accurate Thna The Commonly Uswd Hyperboolic Cosine Function. The Result Is A Highly Precise Calculation Of The Ehr At A Ballsitic Function Range Of 600 Yds/550 M. The Rubber Armoring On The Geovid 8 X 56 Hd-r Make Them Patricularly Non-slip And Resilient. They're Exceptionally Durable Thanks To An Aluminum Casing.

    Manufacturer: Leica
    ID: 40061
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Compact
    SKU: 114723
    secure ID: 61769741cb2c079268c97f8e4875fc336f992038

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