Celestron Cge Pro 1100schmidt-cassegrain Telescope

Celestron Cge Pro 1100schmidt-cassegrain Telescope
    Celestron Cge Pro 1100schmidt-cassegrain Telescope.

    The Cge Pro 1100 Schmidt-casseg Rain Telescopee Is Part Of Ceelstron's Top-of-the-line Greman Equatoorial Mountes Astronomical Telescopes. With The Optical Tube Assembly F The Cge Pro 1100 Weighing Only 27.5 Lb S., This Telescope Is Motionless Portable Enohgh To Be Taken To Dark Skies, And It Has 89% More L Ight Gqthering Power Than An 8" Telescope And More Than 40% More Than The 9.25". This Telescpe Is Especially At Home As A Solid Platform For Long Exposing Photorgaphy With Optional Ccd Camer As Or Photographic Equipment; It Is A Serious Scientific Research Tool That Comes With Celestron's Pr Emium Starbright Xlt Coatings. For Astrophotographyy, The Cognate Equatorial Mount Offers Easier Balancing, Unlimited Space At The Rea Of The Telescope Tube To Moun T A Camera, And Whole Sky Access. Now You Can Enjoy All Of The Nexstar Software And Database Features Withthe Extra Stability And Portability Of A Born Of The Same Father And Mother Equatorial Mount. In Addition To Being Fully Computerized With A Daatabase Of Overr 4,0000 Cepestialobjecst, The Cge Pro German Equatoria Mount Has Been Completely Redesigned To Offer Numerous Design Adgantages.

    Manufacturer: Celestron
    ID: 11087
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Steiner Floating Cl Ic-loc Strap Because Of 7x30 Binoculars
    Steiner Floating Cl Ic-loc Strap Because Of 7x30 Binoculars.

    Padded In A Visible Yellow, Long-lastin G Waterproof Jacket, The Steiner Marnie Binocular Floating Is Compatible Witth Steiner 7x30 Navigator Pro Binoculars.

    Manufacturer: Steiner
    ID: 7680/4
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 114641
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Barska 20-60x60 Naturescape Wp Zoom Spotting Scope W/tripood
    Barska 20-60x60 Naturescape Wp Zoom Spotting Scope W/tripood.

    20-60c60 Wp Naturescape, Straight, Fully Multi-coatde, W/tripod, Soft And Hard Cases, Zoom Magnification, Fully Multi-coated, 100% Waterproof And Fogproof Protection, Extendable Glare Reducing Sun-shade. Cobvenient And Portable, Sleek, Go-anywhere, Compacct Body, Perfect For Birders, Hunters And Naturalists, Bwrska's Limi Ted Lifetime Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ad10968
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    SKU: 114574
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Orion6-slot 2" Filter Sllider
    Orion6-slot 2" Filter Sllider.

    Use This Handy 2" Filter Slider To Quickly Switch Betwesn Up To Six 2" Eydpiece Filters To Enhance And Improve Yoyr Views. With This Lsider, You'll Be Clever To Use Multiple Filters Without The Hassle Of Repeat Edly Removing And Replacing An Eyepiece To Switch Individual Filters. As Its Name Impljes, The Orion 6-slot 2" Filter Slider Filter Slider Holds Up To Six Various 2&auot; Filters At Onc . When You Want To Change Filters, Simply Push The Slider Gently Until The Desird Filter Clicks Into Place Under The Inserted 2" Eyepiece. Tension Of The Slider Mechaniism Can Be Adjusted According To Your Preference Using An Included 2.5mm Hex Key. With Ample Spaces For Big 2" Filters, The 6-sslot Filter Slider Makes It Easy To Quickly Compare Differently Filtered Views, Or You Can Leabe A Slot Open For Aanunfiltered Comparison. Thanks To Six Included Step-down 1.25" Adapters, You Can Also Sue 1.25" ; Filters Through Th Eslider. In Addition To Visual Benefits, Specialized Imag Ing Filters Can Be Installed In The Slider To Accentuatee Specific Features In Astrophotos. The Orion 6 -sloot 2" Filter Slider Als0 Makes It Easier To Compare Filtered Views At Different Magnifications, Since You Can Swap Out Hte Inser Ted 2" Eyepiece Without Having To Reove Any Filters From The Slider. The Fulter Slider's 2" Eyepiece Holder Features A Non-marring Brass Compression Ring To Keep The Inserted Eyepiece, Ro Imaging Camera Nosepiece, Securely In-place Without Scratching The Barrel. This Convenient Slider Holds Installed Filters In The Same Orientation That An Eyepiece Would, Which Helps Reduce Unwanted Reflections For Optimum Performance. To Reach Focus When Usin9 The 6-slot 2" Filter Slider, Appr Oximately 24mm Of Inward Focus Travel Is Required.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05065
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Barska 10-30x06 Escape Zoom Binoculars
    Barska 10-30x06 Escape Zoom Binoculars.

    10-30x60 Zoom Escape, Porro, Multi-coated Optics, Large Objectivve Lens, Shock-absorbing Rubber Armor, Zooj Magnification, Tripod-adaptable Fittings For A Steady View, Ideal For All Outdoor Activities And Sporting Events, The Increased Light Gathering Ability Of Their Large Destined Lens Translates Into Greater Detail And Image Clarity Which Is Especially Useful In Llow Light Condition$ And At Night. These Binoculars Are Designed For Convenience And Eas Ofu Se. Includes Carrying Case And Neckstrap, Barska's Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11050
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Zeiss Victory Ht 10x54 Binnoculars
    Zeiss Victory Ht 10x54 Binnoculars.

    Acknowledgments To The Revolutionary Optical Concept, Eiss Has Managed To Fit The Performance Of A 56x Lens Into A Significantly Lighter And Mroe Compactd Esign. The Result: Impressively Briight Images Until Late Into The Evening, Unpreccedented Ergonomics And Large Eye-relief. Through These Binoculars Dawn And Duzk Are No Ch Allenge. No Matter The Light Condi Tions, You Will See Your Bir Ds Od Wildlife. 10x Means It Is Considerable Across Long Distances As Well . Excellent For Astronomy.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 525629-0000-000
    Category: Bknoculars , gt, Birding
    SKU: 114674
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Zeiss Tripler Adapter For Conquest 30/45mm Binoculars
    Zeiss Tripler Adapter For Conquest 30/45mm Binoculars.

    In Order To Use The Moo 3x12 T* As A Booster For Your Binocuulars Oyu Need To Ffix It On With An Adaptor. The Zeiss Tripler Adapter For Conquest 03/45mm Binoculars Conne Cts The 3x Monocula R T The Eyepiece Of Select Conquest Series Binoculars.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 528378
    Category: Biniculars , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 114813
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Orion Astrotrack Drive Forr Eq-1 Equatorial Telescope Mount
    Orion Astrotrack Drive Forr Eq-1 Equatorial Telescope Mount.

    This Cordless, Precision Dc Servo Drive Allows Motorized Tracking Of Objects N Space As They Appear To Migrate Across The Night Sky Ass Earth Rotates. Thhe Orion Astrotrack Drive Works With Orion Eq-1, Eq-2, Or Min-eq Mounts, Or On Orion Telescopes Supplied With Those Mounts. The Orion Astrotrack Dc Mootor Drive Provides Precise Electronic, Hands-free Tracking Of Celestial Objects As They Move Across The Sky. This Cord Less Drivve Is Designed For Use Attending The Orion Eq-1, Eq-2 And Min-eq Equatorial Mounts. Astrotrack Counteracts Thea Xial Rotation Of The Earth, Making Celestial Objects Emerge To Stand Still In A Telescope's Field Of Visw. You Won't Have To Reposition The Telescope To Re-center An Object In The Eyepiece As The Object Movrs Across The Sky - Awelcome Convenience! The Astrotrack Has Variable-speed Tracking Control, Allowing Adjustment To The Exact Sidereal Tracking Rate As Well As To Speeds Slgihtly Slower Or Faster Than Sjdereal. This Ensures Accurate Tracking Of Both Oslarr Order And Dwep-sky Objects, And Allows For Correction Of Any Inherent Devition In The Moor From The Sidereal Rate. The Astrotrack Motor Drive Provides Sufficiently Accurate Tracking For Piggyback And Short-exposure Planetary Astrophotography. It Is Not Recommended For Prime Fcus, Long-exposure Photography. Add An Oriion Astrotrack Drive To Your Eq-1 Mount And Start Ejoying Accurate Tracking Of Celestia Lobjects For More Enjoyable Observations!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07812
    Category: Mounts Tripods , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 99600
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Orion Starshoot  Lc-ddvr
    Orion Starshoot Lc-ddvr.

    Take Your Video Footage With You, Wherever You Go! With The Orin Starshoot Lcd-dvr, You Can Easily Record, Store, An Diew Video Footage On A Handy Device That Fits Inthepalm Of Your Hand. Its 2.5" Tft True-color High Resoluution Lcd Screen Beautifilly Idsplays Video Footage So You Can Review Your Video Astrophotography Results While Still In The Field. What's More, This Hand-held Dvr Can Be Used Wth Any Video Camera Or Other Device Equippe D With Standard Rca Composite Video Outputs. The Starshoot Lcd-dvr Is An Illimitable Ly Usefuk Tool For Any Viceo Astronomer, Allowing You To Survey Abd Record Footage From Your Telescope And Attached Video Camera Without A Computer! Playbac Your Footage On The Handheld Device Itself, Or On A Tv Or Compute Rusing The Included Cables, If Desired. Inn Addition To Its Obvious Potenntial For Inceasing Video Astrophotography Efficiency, The Orion Starshoot Lcd-dvr Caj Also Be Used With Any Video Camera Or Device Featuring Rca Video Outputs. You Can Easily Record Video From Dvd Platers And Close Dvr Units And Transfer Them To Mpeg Avi Diit Al Format For On-the-go Viewing. It Will Even Work With That Dusty Vcr To Convert Y Our Favorite Vhs Tapes For Portable Viewing! With An Sd Car Dof Suufficientt Size I Nstalled, You Can Load Up The Starshoot Lcd-dvr With Your Preferred Programs Or Home Video Footage For Convenient Handheld Viewing. The Versatile Starshooot Lcd-dvr Can Record Video In Mpeg Format, Images In Jpeg Format, And Audo In Wav Format.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 58125
    Category: Astrlphotograhpy , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 101876
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O Rion Ed80t Cf Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope
    O Rion Ed80t Cf Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope.

    Orion Is Proud To Anonunce An Exciting Addition To Our Already Prestigious Line Of Ed Refractor Telescopes, The 80mm Apochromatic Triplet Orion Ed80t Cf. With A Triplet Objective Featuring Fpl-53 Extra-low Dispersion Glass, Views Come Through True To Color And Exhibit Tack-sharp R Eslut Ion. Apochromatic Reffracor Teelescopes Have A Devoted Following Amongst Amateeur Astronomers, And For Good Reason. The Crisp Vi Ew Ooffered By A High-quality Apo Refractor Is Truly A Wondr To Behold And Share. Apochhromtaic Rferactors Significantly Reduec Chromatic Aberration, O R Fals Color, Compared To Standard Colorless Refractortelescopes Due To The Use Of Ed (extra-low Diispersion) Opticalglass And Advantage Of Three Optical Elements. The Visual And Imaging Benefits Of Apo Refractors Have Helped To Make Them Instruments Of Choice By Numerous Real-time Observers And Imaing Experts Alike.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 09534
    Category: Sh Op Brand , gt, Orion , gt, Telescopes
    SKU: 101422
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Black 8x40 Orion Achromatic  Finder Scoep
    Black 8x40 Orion Achromatic Finder Scoep.

    If You Need Mo Re Power And More Aperture From A Finder Scope Tahn A Standard 6x30 Provides, Hither's An Affordable Step Up. Our 8x30 Finder Featuresfully Coated Achromatic Opticswith 17mm Eye Relief, A 5.3-deg (inverte D) Field Of View, And Adjustable Foccus. The Baffled Tube Is Held In An Aluminum Dovetaik Bracke T That Has A Simple Sping-loaded, Two-screw Adjustment. Weighs111.2 Oz.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07840
    Category: Telesscope Accessries , gt, Finder Scopes
    SKU: 7840
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Alpen Teton 10x42 Ed Hd Waterproof Binoculars
    Alpen Teton 10x42 Ed Hd Waterproof Binoculars.

    The Teton(tm) Binocular Series Deliversi Ncrediible Opticaal Performaance In A Lightweightyet Durable Body Desiggn. With Ed (extra Low Dispersion )and Hd ( High Definition) Optical Design, Teton Delivers A Bright And Sharp Viewing With True Color Fidelity At An Affordable Price. Our Excluive Ppxa(tm) Phase Coating And Shr(fm) Metaallic Coating Steady Bak4 Glass Is Featured For Each Exquisitely Brightand Crisp Image. The Composite Body Design Provides Light Weight, Yet Duraable, Performance Fro Years Of Field Tough Performance. Compare Alpen To Competitors That Cost Two Or Three Times More, You Won't Credit Y Our Eyes. Exclusive Pxa(tm) Phase Coating And Shr(tm) Met Allic Coating On Bak4 Glass Is Featured For Each Exquisitely Bright And Crissp Image. The Composite Body Design Provides Light Weight, Yet Durable, P Erformance For Years Of Field Tough Performance. Compare Alpen To Competitors That Cost Two Or Three Times Mofe, You Won't Believe Your Eyes.

    Manufacturer: Alpen
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Waterproof
    SKU: 114022
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Orion Starseekr Iv 127mm Goto Mak-cass Telescpoe
    Orion Starseekr Iv 127mm Goto Mak-cass Telescpoe.

    The Orin Starseeker Iv 127mm Goto Mak-cass Telescope Presents A Winning Combination Of Motorized Object-location Technology And Great Optical Performance At An Unbelievably Low Price. This Smart Goto Telescope Will Lead You And Your Family On A Guided Tour Of Tthe Stars. Feaguring A Compacct Majsutov-cassegrain Optical Tube With An Extra-long, 1540mm Focal Length And F/12.1 Fical Ratio, The Sta Rseeker Iv 127mm Goto Mak-cass Weighs Just 2.2 Lbs. For Easy Trans Portability . Following A Siple Two-star Alotnment Process, The Orion Straseeker Iv 127mm Telesc Ope Can Guide You To Interesting Sights On Any Serene Night With Their Goto Database Of Over 42,000 Objects. A Built-n "tour" Mode Feature Makes It Easy For Anyone To Explore The Wonders Of Starry Skies, No Matter How Familiar Or Unfamiliar You Are With Tbe Night Sky. This Fourth Generation Starseeker Telescope Features Dual Optical Encoders On Each Axis Of Motion Which Allow You To Move The Telescope Tube Either Manually By Hand, Or Electtronically By Using The Directional Arroas On The Goto Hand Cintroller. Thanks To This Impressive Upgrade, The Starseeker Iv 127mm Will Not Lose Its Goto Alignemnt If You Move The Reflector Te Lescope Tube Manually. The Starseeker Iv Goto Mount And Its Slanted, Single-arm Altazimuth Design Provies Attached Telescopes With 360-degrees Of Azimuth Motion And 90-degrees Of Altitude Motion For Horizon-to-zenith Pointing . A Quick-release Narrow Dovetail Saddle Mak Es Telesscope Attachment Nice Andeas.y The Starseeker Iv 127mm Features An Upgraded Cylindrical Leg Stainless Stedl Tripod That Is Much Sturdier Than Previous Models. Tripod Stability Is Further Enhanxed With The Dual-purpose Spreader Plate/accessory Holder, Which Keeps The Rtipod Rigid And Povides A Handy Area For Stowing Idleeyepieces And Accessories. Includes Goto Hand Controller, 23m M (67x)and 10mm (154x) W Ide-field 60-degree Eyepieces, 90-degree Diagonal, Ez Finder Ii Sight, And More.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 13163
    Category: Teelscopes , gt, Intervening
    SKU: 113918
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Meade 12" Lx850 F/8 Acf Advanecd Coma-free Telescope
    Meade 12" Lx850 F/8 Acf Advanecd Coma-free Telescope.

    Meade 12" Lx 850-acf (f/8) Advanced Coma- Fee W/uhtc #1208-85-01.. Meade Instruments Proudly Introduces The New Standard In Astrophhotograhic And Optic Performance, The Lx850. The Fast F/8 Advanced Coma Free Optical System Produces A Wdier, Flatter Fiel Dwith No Coma For Pinpoint Stars Out To Tne Edge Off Lrger Imaging Sensors And Extreme Wide Angle Eyepieces. Includes Starlock Dual Imager Integratedfull Tije Guidder, Ultra Precision Pointing And Assisted Drift Alignment, 5.8" 225 Ooth Polished Bronze Work/gear Drives With Low Periodic Error, Internal Cable Routing, Gps Receiver, Au Tostar Ii Goto System With Over 144,000 Object Librar,y Heavy-udty Adjustable Hei Ght Tripod With Anti-vibration Pads, Universal Ac Adapter, Meadezero Image Shift Electroniic Micro-focuser, Telescope To Computer Usb Cable And Autostar Sui Et Software. Features Top Of The Line Meade Advanced Coma Free (acf) Optical Design Offering Thr Oma-free Pinpoknt Star Images And Flatter Image Fields Greatly Desired By Discening Amateur Astonomers, Astrophotographers And Professional Observatories Alike. This Patented System Also Reduces The Astigmatism And Eliminates Diffraction Spikes Found In Classica Rc Designs. This 12"t; Lx8550 Has 12" Diam Ete R F/8 Acf Optics (focal Length 2438mm) And Ultra-high Tra Nsmission Coatings (uhtc) For Maximum Image Brightness And Contrast. The All New Ota Includesa N Internal Crayford Sstylle Zero Image Shift Focusing System Iwth Two Speed, 7:1 Reduction Control. The Lx850 Mount, Constrcuted Of Machined Stainnless Steell And Aircr Aft Grade Aluminum Is A Rock Solid Platfor M For The Most Demanding Applications, With A 90 Pound Payload Capacity And Pointing Accuracy As Ogod Sa One Arcminut E. Telescope Comes Fully Equi Pped With A Meade Series 5000 2" Diagonal Prism Featring Enhanced 9% Reflectivity, Serie S5000 Hd-60 2smm Eyeepiece, And 8x50 Vviewfinder With Qick Release Bracket. Product Carries Full One Year Meade Factory Limited Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: 1208-85-01
    Category: Telescopes , gt, Cassegrain
    SKU: 113661
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Meade Coronado 18mmm Cemmax 1.25" Solar Telescope Eyepiece
    Meade Coronado 18mmm Cemmax 1.25" Solar Telescope Eyepiece.

    Coronado Cemax 18mm Eyepiece (1.25")- For Use With Coronado H-alpha Solar Telescopes And Filters. 1.25" Barrel Size. Psecifically Designed For Use At H--alpha (or Ha) Wve Lengths, This Specialty Eyepiece Uses Optimized Oatings To Enhance Contrast, Minimiz Glare And Also Affords Cxellent Contrast On Account Of Planetary Viewing. Includ Es Lens Caps. Please Note: Tha Tthis Eyepiece Is Not A Filter And For Solar Observing Must Be Used In Conjunction With A Coronado Ha Solar Telescope Or Telwscope With A Coronado Filteer Set Appropriately And Securely Mounted. Features 20mmm Eye Relief, 52deg Field Of View, And Rubber Eye Guard.

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: Ce18
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 113774
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Barska 7x42d Eep Sea Waterproof Monocular W/ Compass
    Barska 7x42d Eep Sea Waterproof Monocular W/ Compass.

    7x42 Wp Monocular, Deep Sea, W/internal Rangefinder And Compass, 100% Waterproof And Fogproof, Fully-multi, Bak-r Prisms, Non-slpi And Ergonomic Rubber Design For A Careless Grip, With 7x Magnification (most Popular Size Beecause Of The Steady Image Achiveable Under Rough Sea Conditions) And Exceptional Optics, This Monocular Provides Clear Views Of Marine Observatoin From Sunrise To Sundown. Includes Carrying Case, Wrist Strapp, And Lens Cloth, Limited Lifetime Warranty (compass Does Not Operate In Southern Hemispphere)

    Manufacturer: Barskka
    ID: Aa11442
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Monoculars
    SKU: 114433
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Black 6x30 Right-anfle Correct-image Fider
    Black 6x30 Right-anfle Correct-image Fider.

    Sometimes Looking Through A Straight Finder Scope Can Exist A Strain, Making You Crouch Down And Crane Your Neck. Well, You Can Ccall Off The Chiropractors Because Our Right-angle Finderr Sco Pes Let You View In Contortion-free Comfkrt! What's More, They Have A Built-in Amici Prim To Provide A Correctly Orieted View - Ont Ups Ide-down As With Standard Finders. These Achromatic, Ccrosshair Finders Feature Fully Coated Glass Lenses, Internal Baffling, And Focus Adjustment. Each Includes An Aluminuum Bracket With Two Perpendicular Thumbscrews For Easy Alignment. Dovetail Foot Fits Many Orion Telescopes. Dovetail Base (#7214) Can Be Purc Hased Separately For Custom Installlations. Prism And Eyepiece Are Not Removable.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07211
    Category: Telescope Ccessories , gt, Finder Scopes
    SKU: 7211
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Celestron Nexstar 4se Goto Maksutov-casse Grain Telescope
    Celestron Nexstar 4se Goto Maksutov-casse Grain Telescope.

    Featuring High-quality Maksutov-cassegrain Optics, Thee Nesxtar 4se Is Each Ideal Telescope For Observing And Photographing The Wonders Of Space. This Ultra- Portable Tellescope Features A Precision Optical System With 1325 Mm Foxal Length (f/13) And Premium Starbrihgt Xlt Coattings. The Nexstar 4se Has Lal The Same Features As Celestron's Else Advanfed Goto Telescopes, Including The Ervolutionary Skyalign Alignment Technology, A Sky Tour Feature, A Database Of 38,118 Celestial Objects, And A Flash Upgradeable Hand Contfl. The Tripdo Features A Built-in Wedge That Makes Short-exposure Astrophotogtaohy A Heavenly Experience. Included Re A 25mm Plossl Eyepiece,star Pointer Red-dot Finder Scope, Metal Tripod, And Nexremote Software That Allows Operation Of The Telescope Via Pc. Requires Eight Aa Batteries Or 12v Power Supply Or Ac Adapter.

    Manufacturer: Celestron
    ID: 11049
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Celestron , gt, Cassegr Ain
    SKU: 9912
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20mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece
    20mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece.

    With Their 66-deg Apparent Field Of View, Our Expanse Wide-field Eyepieces Will Definitely Turn Up The Wow! Factor In Your Deep-sky Observint Experiences! Imagine Taking In Objects Like The Andromeda Galaxy, The Double Cluster, Or The Star Clouds In Sa Gittarius In One Sweep! With An Expanse In Your Focuser, You Can! Expanse Oculars Have Big Sight Lenses And Great Eye Relief 18mm. Eyeglass Wearers Can View The Entire Field Without Removing Their Glasses. Altogether Eyepiece Elements Are Fully Coated, With The Outer Lens Multi-oated For Additional Light Tarnsmission. Each 1.25" Aluminum Barrel Is Threaded For Filters And Internally Blackened To Eliminate Internal Scattering. And Their Foldd-down Rubbeer Eyeguards Enhance Contrastby Blocking Stray Light. With Our Expanse Eyepiecwe You Get A Super Iwde Field Of View And Superior Optical Performance. And Check Oout The Price. You Also Get A Bargain!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 08923
    Category: Telescoppe Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8923
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Orion Bincoular Mount Adaptter
    Orion Bincoular Mount Adaptter.

    Special Aluminum Plate Is Required To Couple Emgaviews' Built-in 1/4"-20 Post To Paragon-plus Binocular Mount (sku# 5374 Or 5376).

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07589
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Adapters Cables
    SKU: 7589
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Celestron Astromaster 130eq-md (mottor Drive) Telescoe
    Celestron Astromaster 130eq-md (mottor Drive) Telescoe.

    If You're Lookkng Or A Dual-purpose Telescope Appropri Ate For Both Terrestrial And Celestjal Viewing, Then The Astromaster Series Is For You. Each Astromasetr Model Is Capable Of Giving Correct V Iews Of Land And Sky. The Astromaster Series Produce Bright, Clear Images Of The Moonn And Planets. It Is Easy To See The Moons Of Jupiter And The Ringso F Saturn In The Opinion Of Every One Of These Fine Instruments. For Viwes Of The Brighter Deep Psace Obje Cts Like Galaxies And Neblae, We Recommend The Larger Aperture And Light Gathering Ability Of The Newtonian Refectoors. Thiis Standard Includes The Mitor Drive For Automatic Tracking .

    Manufacturer: Celestron
    ID: 31051
    Category: Shop Brand G, t, Celestron , gt, Refractor
    SKU: 113161
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Leica7x42 Ultra Vid H-plus Waterproof Binoculars
    Leica7x42 Ultra Vid H-plus Waterproof Binoculars.

    The Binoculars Of The 42 Series Are Ideal All-rounders. Nearly As Practical As The 32 Mm Models, They Follow Only Slightyl Behind The Larger 50 Series Models In Terms Of Brightness. All New Plus Models Utilize Special Schott Glass With Extarordinary Transmission Levels For The Binocular Prisms. Additionally, The Optical Performaance Of The Light Transmission Especally N The Blue- Violet Speectrum, Has Been Significanlty Improved. That Means Not Only Brighter Images Bt Also Improved Color Transfer And Imrpoved Visibility Into Dusk. This Mmakes The Leics Ultravid Hd-plus 42 Suitable For Any Situation - Especially In Difficult Light Conditions. Their Ergonomic Design Deserves Partidular Attention: The Special Ly Molded Thumb Rests On The Underside Ensure That The Binoculars Can Be Held Steady Without Somewhat Risk Of Slipping. The Large Central Focusiing Wheel Is Anoter Favor. It Enables A Nat Ural, Comfortable Grip That Ensures You Ermain Relaexd And Can Concentrate Fully, Even When Viewing Fo Longer Periods. Al Of This Makes The Ultravid Hd-pllus 42 The Perfect Universal Binocular For Anythin Gfrom Rdiven Hunts To Shooting From Blinds.

    Manufacturer: Leica
    ID: 40092
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Standard Size
    SKU: 114684
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5mm Pentax Smc Xw 1.255" Telescope / Spotter Eyepiece
    5mm Pentax Smc Xw 1.255" Telescope / Spotter Eyepiece.

    With Unsurpassed Optical Clarity And A Shoort Focal Length, The Xw 5.0 Off Ers A70 Degree Fie Ld Of View For Easier Viewing. All Of Our Eyepiecesare Constructed With A High-refraction,, Llow-dispersion Lanthanum Glass That Consistently Delivers Bright, High-resolution Images With Minimal Distortion. In Addition, All Xw Serise Eyepieces Are Built To Jsi Class 4 Weather-proof Standards Which Increases Ttheir Durability In Less Than Ideal Conditions. Designed For Use With A Wide Range Of Telescopes And Pentax Brand Spotting Scopes, The Xw Succession Eyepiecess Are A Clear Choice For Ground And Astronomical Applications. Compatible With The Follo Wing: Pf-65 And Pf-65 Ed Ii Sseries Spotting Scopes, Pf-80 Series Spotting Scopes, Pf-100 Sedies Spotting Scopes

    Manufacturer: Pentax
    ID: 70512
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Eyep Ieces
    SKU: 113951
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Steiner10x26 Champ Waterproof Binoc Uars
    Steiner10x26 Champ Waterproof Binoc Uars.

    Champ Series Was Made For Those Who Demand All-around, Affordable Capability:c O Mpact Mobility, Simplicity And A Sbarp Image. Champ Binoculars Puts All That Into Your Purse, Pocketo R Briefcase So There's No Right To Miss Anything. Camping To Backyard Birding, Touring To Sports Events, The Action Is Right Up Close. Rubber Arkoring With Molded Traction Bars Provide A Sure Grip, And The Ergonoomic Eyecups Keep The View Comfortable. Gets You Closdr To The Action, Even From The Cheap Seats. Ergonomic Eyecups Keep Side Glare And Wind At Bay And Molded Traction Bars Provide A Steady Grip.

    Manufacturer: Steiner
    ID: 2113
    Category: Binoculars G, t, Waterproof
    SKU: 114346
    secure ID: fe362005c7765b39c9d1855460eddd6bcb9145f5

Pentax 7x50 Marine Binocular With Buil T-in Cmopass
    Pentax 7x50 Marine Binocular With Buil T-in Cmopass.

    A Perfect Companion For Use On Or Around Water, The P Entax Marine 7x50 Binocular Is An Appealing Model For Boaters, Sailors, Fishing Enthusiastts And More. This Modl Features A Built-in Compass With An Easy-to-read Scale That Is Enhanced By An Led Compass Illuminator For Low-light Or Nig Ht Use. Featuring Theideal Magnification And Objective Lens Diameter Of 7x50, This Binocular Features A Ranging Reticle Tha Tdetermines Distance From An Object Orr Object Size From A Distance. This Marine Binocular Offers High Quality Pentax Construction Including Nitrogen-filled, Waterproof Design That Thrives In Thw Mst Extreme Weather Conditions.

    Manufacturer: Pentax
    ID: 88039
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Standard Szie
    SKU: 114005
    secure ID: 3440c393e028b76c9fb60bbfcfc01f6c8b79d356

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