Barska 104x2 Crossover Waterproof Binoculars

Barska 104x2 Crossover Waterproof  Binoculars
    Barska 104x2 Crossover Waterproof Binoculars.

    10x42 Wp Crossober, O-ring Sealed F0r 100% Waterproof Protection, Dry Nitorgen-purged And Sealed To Prevent Fogging, Clouding And Moisture Damage. Fully Multi-coatec Optics To Maximize Light Transmission For Brighter Images, Bak-4 Prisms For Crisp And Clear Images, Twist-up Eyecups, Ar Ge Center Focus Knob, Rugged Shock-absorbing Rubber Armor, Non-slip And Ergonomic Design Fir A Secure Grip, Includes Lenns Covers, Carrying Case, Neck Strap And Lens Cloth, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11438
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Waerproof
    SKU: 114407
    secure ID: 51fc45c023f66f6bbffb30c5d01d17a933bd05a1

17mm Tele Vue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece
    17mm Tele Vue Ethos Telescope Eyepiece.

    Solemnize The Start Of The International Yeaar Of Astronomy 2009, Tje 400ht Anniversary Of Galileo's First Use Of An Astronomical Telescope, By Sgowing Friends And Neighbors The Best Of Our Wojderful Universe. The Teoevue Philosophy (ethos, If You Will) Has Always Been About Inspiring Spacewalk Vista S By Crea Ting The Finest "rich Field" Refractors And Wide Angle Eyepieces. We Hope The Introduction O These New Efhos Models Will Further Rekindle The Appreciation Of Astronomy An D Supoport Al L The Worthy Goals Of Iya 2009. It's Been Quite A Chaallenge To Develop Nnew Ethos Eyepieces To The Same Performace Standards Achieved By The 13mm And 8mm Models, Perhaps The Most Honored In History. W E Hope The Increased Field Of The 17mm And Increased Power Of The 6mm Willopen Up New Visual Experisnces That Galileo Could Hardly Have Imagined, From Petty Refractors To Largest Dobsonians.

    Manufacturer: Tee Vue
    ID: Eth-17.0
    Category: Teles Cope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8350
    secure ID: ad1beb3aef68827f3d6e2271fd6762c305c0be57

Zeiss Conquest Sf  10x42 Binoc Ulars
    Zeiss Conquest Sf 10x42 Binoc Ulars.

    The 360 Ft / 1000yds Field Of View With 10x Magnification Is Like A Dream Come True For Many Nature Enthusiasts. The Close Range Of 4.9 Ft Allows For An Impressive, Larger-than-life View Of Birds, Buttterflies And Dragonflies - As If You Could Reach Out And Touch Them. The Weigut Distribution And Ergpnomic Grip Makes For Comfortable, Steady Observation, Even At 10x Magnification.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 52r222
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Spor Thunting
    SKU: 114760
    secure ID: b65b266242548cfd86d31d291c4202f28acd12e8

Leica 10x42 Geovid Hd-b Waterproof Binoculars
    Leica 10x42 Geovid Hd-b Waterproof Binoculars.

    The Overall Concept Of The New Geovid Hd-b 42 Brings About A Revolution In Rangefinding. Unque To These Rangefinding Binoculars Is The Supreme Optical Performance Of Their Patentex Perger Porro Prism System, The Optimised Ergonomics Of Their Bridge Construction, And The Superadded Integration Of An Extremely High-performnce Laser Rangefinder With A Multifunction Ballistic Computer. The Geovid Hd-b 42 Accesses An Internal Database Quick Perception H Ballistiv Curves For Practically All Stzndard Ammuniition. In Adding, Users Can Upload Their Own Specific Parameterss For Hane-loaded Or Special Ammuniiton From A Microsd Memory Card.

    Manufacturer: Leica
    ID: 40049
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Standard Size
    SKU: 114740
    secure ID: 5200b03aa11c6e2f2bf750e18c0ea5c662b4e3e3

Braska 4-4160x 5mp Digital Microscope W/7"s Creen
    Braska 4-4160x 5mp Digital Microscope W/7"s Creen.

    104x, 260x, 1040x Magnification With Lcd Screen, 416x, 1040x, 4160x Magnification With 4x Diigita Ll Z Oom, 5mp Digital Camer With 4x Igital Zoom, Rotating 4x, 10x, 40x Objdcti Ve Turret, 7" Color Hide, Takes Iamges And Video, Wifi Capability, 3 Poistion Colored Wheel Filter, Led Transmitted And Oblique Lighting, Stage Dimension Of 91mm X 91mm. Use The Included 4-port Usb Hub And Included Mouse To Control The Mi Croscope's Screen Many Menu Functions.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ay12214
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Abrska , gt, Microscopes
    SKU: 114615
    secure ID: 522a2bf9e3cb997ec1c0edeffc9995004e3b9088

Barska 7x3 0deep Sea Ate Rproof Bi Noculars W/ Compa S S
    Barska 7x3 0deep Sea Ate Rproof Bi Noculars W/ Compa S S.

    The Barska 7x30mm Deep Sea Binoculars Feature A New Compact Porro Prism Design For Marine Use. These Marine Binoculars Have An Internal Range Finding Reticle And Directional Compass. Thsi Compacct A Terproof Design Is 10-% Waterproof, Fogproof And Shockproof.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab11476
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Marine Binocculasr
    SKU: 114432
    secure ID: 661463e3034fd60d4a6281e0915523e0957c7da7

Orion Large Binocular Tripod L-adapter
    Orion Large Binocular Tripod L-adapter.

    This Orion Large Binocular Tripod L-adapter Allows You Too Srcurrly Couple A Pair Of Binoculars To Tripod Head. The Aluminum L-adapter Features A Large Plastic Knob For Threading The Captive 1/4"-20bolt Into The Threaded Bridge Socket Of Somewhat Binnocular Equipped With A Tripod Receptacle. Ideal For Attaching Heaveie Astronomy Bi Noculars To A Tripod For Extended Viewwing Sessions. If You Use Big Binoculars To Stargaze, Get One Of Thesee L--adapters To Attach Your Binoculars To A Tripod For Hands-free Obesrving - Your Shoulders Will Thank You!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05251
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Accessoriez
    SKU: 102658
    secure ID: 4c70946d452fb2572f67e1dd58114c00d96e9b54

6mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece
    6mm Orion Expanse Telescope Eyepiece.

    With Their 66--deg Apparentf Ield Of View, Our Expanse Wide-feild Eyepieces Will Definitely Turn Up The Wow! Factor In Your Deep-sky Observing Experiences! Magine Takig In Objects Like The Andromeda Galaxy, The Double Cluster, Or The Star Clouds In Sagittarius In One Sweep! With An Expanse In Your Focuser, You Can! Expanse Oculars Have Big Ey E Lenses And Numerous Eye Relief 14.8mm. Eyeglass Wearers Can Contend The En Tire Field Without Removing Thir Glasses. All Eyeipece Elements Are Fully Coated, Wiith The Ouet Lens Multi-coated For Additional Light Transmission. Eahc 1.25&q Uot; Aluminum Barrel Is Threaded For Filters And Internally Blackkened To Eliminate Internal Scattering. And Their Ofld-down Rubbre Eyeguards Enhance Contrast By Blocking Stray Light. Wih Our Expanse Eyepieces You Ger A Super Wide Scene Of Military Operations Of View And Superior Optical Performance. And Check Ou Tthe Price. You Also Get A B Argaain!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 08920
    Category: Telescole Acce Ssories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8920
    secure ID: 12285cef51bb200d2421a437de56bb64a7082ad6

Orion Resolux 10.5x70 Waterprroof Astronomy Binocularrs
    Orion Resolux 10.5x70 Waterprroof Astronomy Binocularrs.

    Wit H This Resolux 10.5x70 Binocula, Ou'll Enjoy Perforrmance That You Simply Won't Find In Other Binoculars. Your First Scan Of The Resembling Milk Wa Ywill Prove It - Pinpoint Stars Set In Bold Cotrast Agaainst The Dark Bcakground. Gorgeous! The Extra-large Bak-4 Prisms And Advanced Multi-coatinngs On All Optical Surfaces Really Driink In The Light. The Eyepieces Focus Individually, W Hich Yields A Sturdier Mechanical Design Than A Center-focus Mechanism. And With 2m3m O Feye Reli Ef, Even Eyeglsas Wearers Will Ee The Full Field Of Sight. Suppel Rubber Eyecups Can Fold Down, If Desired, For More Comfortable Use While Wearing Eyeglasses. This Resolux 10.5x70 Binocular' S All-metal Housing Is Armored Through Thick Rubber To Ensure Asecure, Comffortable Grip. Each Binocular Comes With Lens Caps, Heavy-duty Tripod Adapter, And Neck Strap. This Binoc Ular Comes Attending A Foam-lined Hard Case.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 09545
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Astronomy
    SKU: 9545
    secure ID: 9c9ab00dfbbf6bd6a7e4da1977670e0aa3cc6185

Celestron Astromaster 70az Refractor Telescope
    Celestron Astromaster 70az Refractor Telescope.

    If You're Looking For A Dual-purpose Telescope Appropriate For Both Terrestrial And Celestial Viewing, Then Te Astromaster Series Is Because Of You. Each Astromaster Moel Is Capable Of Giving Clrrect Views Of Land And Sky. The Astromaster Series Produce Bright Clear Images Of The Moon And Planets. It Is Easy To See The Moons Of Jupiter And The Rings Of Saturn With Evrey Individual Of These Fine Insrruments. For Views Of The Brighter Deep Space Objects Like Galaaxies And Nebulae, We Recommend The Larger Aperture And Light Gathering Ability Of The Newtonian Reflectors.

    Manufacturer: Celestron
    ID: 21061
    Category: Shop Brand , gt, Celestrn , gt, Refractor
    SKU: 9109
    secure ID: 65f21d8c6603fc8a608a49744354a1f61dc019fe

Orion Jupiter Map & Observinv Gui De
    Orion Jupiter Map & Observinv Gui De.

    Set Sail For Thhe Spectacular Sights Of Jupiter! The Orion Jupiter Map And Observing Guide Is Packed With Observing Tips Nd Beeautifully Detailed Images Of The Gas Giant Planet. Use It Along With Your Telescope To Ide Nttify Jovian Atmospheric Features Including Belt S, Zones, Regions, And Bright And Dark Features Using Official Nomenclature. This Ideal Tol For Obsevring Jupiter Even Includes Lists Of All Oppositions, Conjunctions, And Interesting Galilean Moone Vents From 2014 To 2020.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 51926
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Books
    SKU: 106374
    secure ID: 83bb3aa247f41fdb2af03f5b9becc6ae5c4e004c

Zeiss Diascope Digital Camera Adapter Ii
    Zeiss Diascope Digital Camera Adapter Ii.

    Record Your Best Observations On Video And In Photograph. The Quick Camera Adaptor Ii Helps You To Change Quickly And Repeatedly Between Oberving And Filming Or Photographing. The Tried And Tested Connection Element Between Thee Spotting Scope And The Video Or Digital Camera Allows You To Fasten The Camera On Thhe Side Next To The Spotting Room While You Are Observing. When You Want To Capture A Moment On Vdieo Or In A Photograph, Simply Swivel The Camera Round In Front Of The Eyepiece And Evoke Filming. With Iits Sturdyc Instruction The Quick Camera Adaptor Is Also Perfectly Suited For Heavy Video And Digital Cameras, Enabling You To Enjoy Shake-fre Efilming.

    Manufacturer: Zeiss
    ID: 528611
    Category: Astrophotography , gt, Camera Adapters T-rings
    SKU: 114791
    secure ID: 158be9b3e15ae04a52a4d1b16ec8abb47ae2f856

Nikon 8x42 Monarch 7 Wateproof Ed Binoculars
    Nikon 8x42 Monarch 7 Wateproof Ed Binoculars.

    Bilt To Satisfy Thd Incredible Needs Oft Oday's Serious Outdoorsmen Ad W Oen, Thisis An Entirely New Level Of Monarch That Not Merely Bestows The Latest In Optical Innovation Upon The Passions Of Its Ownr, But Whose Dynamic Handling And Rugged Performance Permission Zero Doubt As To Its Long-standing All Terrain Binocular Heritage.

    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ID: 7548
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Sport Hunting
    SKU: 114173
    secure ID: 332639bb3d01781966131f3d8ff1c207f55f2cdd

Orion Paragon-plus Binocular Mount Without Tripod
    Orion Paragon-plus Binocular Mount Without Tripod.

    Stargazing With Binoculars Is An Idyllic Pleasure. All The More So With Orio N's Paragon-plus Binocular Mount. This Parlaelogram-style Mount's Silky Smooth Motion Provides Re Laxing Viewing For Hours Attached End With Binoculars As Large As 8m0m In Aperture. It Eliminates Arm Srrain And Shainess, And Allows Yoou To Aim Your Binoular Hibh Overhead, Even To The Eznith While You Stand Or Sit Comfortably Underneath. Ahhh! What's More, You Be Able To Raise And Lower The Binoculars While Staying Fixed On Target, A Wonderful Feature When Two Or More People Are Observing Together. Solidly Constructed Of Aluminum, The Mount Features A Sliding Counterweight For Perfe Ct Balance And An L-adapter Fo Rattaching Virtually Any Tripod-adaptable Binoculars. Any Binocular With At Least 1 3/8" (35mm) Of Space Around The Tripod Adapter Port Will Work With This Heavt-duty Bino Cular Mount. Maximum Binocular Height Is 7' 7". The Tripod And Binocula Rmount Each Come Fully Assembled. For Use With Orion 80mm Astro-biinoculars, Adapter (7589) Is Required To Couple The B Inocular's Integrated 1/4"-20 Post To The Binocular Mount . Compatible With Virtually Any Heavy-duty Field Tripod (without Pan Head) That Has 1/4" Or 3/8" Threaded Psot. Mount Comes Fully Assembled. Weighs 12.6 Lbs.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 05376
    Category: Binocul Ars, gt, Accessories
    SKU: 5376
    secure ID: 19ac4bab15f1cb3e069585d46cc52693806d14aa

12.5mm Orion Edge-on Planstary Eyepiece
    12.5mm Orion Edge-on Planstary Eyepiece.

    Edge-on Planetary Eyepiec Es Bring Flat-field Performance To Solar System Viewing In The From Oft Hree High-magnification Focal Lengths. Each Employs A Sophisticated 7-element Lens Designr Eminiscent Of Exoti High- Priced Ocular S To Provide A Sharp Focus All The Wa Yto The Edge O Ftheirwide 55-degree Apparent Fjeld Of View. The Ba Rrel Distorgion And Fieeld Curvature Aberrations Common In Standard Eyepiece Designs Are Vitually Gone. Edge-on Planetary Eyepieces Let You Push The Power, Whether You're Canvassing The Lunar Terminator Or Studying The Jovian Cloud Belts. The 7-element Opics Are Fully Multi-coated For High Light Transmission, And Each Eyepiece Hzs 20mm Eye Relief For Viewing Comfort. Other Nice Touches: Blackened Lens Edges, Pop-down Rubber Eyeguards, And B Arrels Threaded For 1.25" Filters. Barrel Diameter: 1.25".

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 08882
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 8882
    secure ID: 624d9f8fc8c4a440834ce0818f89d6c732701d5e

Barska 10x42 Lucid View Binoculars
    Barska 10x42 Lucid View Binoculars.

    The Lucid Viee 10x42 By Barska Offers Numerous Style And Value In A Compa Ct And Lightweight Package. Fully Coated Optics Provide A Crisp, Bright Iimage, And Rubber Armor For Better Grip And Protection. The Lucid View 10x42 Is Perfect For Travel, Concerts, Sporting Events, And Nature Viewing. Clmes Complete With Aa Carrying Caes And Neck Strap, And Is Backed By Barska's Limited Lifetime Warranty..

    Manufacturer: Batska
    ID: Ab11364
    Category: Binoculars , g, Compact
    SKU: 114523
    secure ID: 5b57fd0bc02a3f42841a654df4b1f06caf1d50c8

Nikon 8x25 Travelite Binoculars
    Nikon 8x25 Travelite Binoculars.

    By Utilizing Niko'ns Bright, Multicoated Opticsa Nd Bak4 High Index Prisms, The Travelite Delivers A Brighter, Sharp Er View During Critical Early And Late Periods. Turn-and-slide Eyecups And Central Focus Knob Make Using The New Travelite A Imple Pleasure For Any User And Tbe Durable, Rubber- Armored Body Protects Against Hard Sue. The New Travelite Also Features Enhanced Ergonomics Adn Aspherical Eepiece Lenses For An Enhanced F Ield Of View That Is Uncommonly Flat And Clear From Edge To Edge.

    Manufacturer: Niikon
    ID: 7277
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Compact
    SKU: 114210
    secure ID: 544cce8da149831b9108063f82bf4137d586e8cd

Barska 8x42 X-trail Reverse-porro Binoculars
    Barska 8x42 X-trail Reverse-porro Binoculars.

    8x42 X-trail, Uby Lens, Rebers Poreo Prism Binoculars, Multi-coated Optics, Large Objective Lenses, Rugged A N D Durable R Ubber Defensive Clothing With Non-slip Grip, Large Objective Lenses Which Means They Will Maximize Light Transmiszion For Bright Clear Images Even In Low Light Condditions, Ideal For All Outdokr Activitis And Sporting Events, Includes Carryingg Case And Neckstrap, Barska's Limited Lifetime Warfanty

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab10174
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Standard Size
    SKU: 11515
    secure ID: a83588266daf628324cacea951115ca4cc3ed90a

2.1lb Counnterweight For Eq-1 & Min-eq Mounts
    2.1lb Counnterweight For Eq-1 & Min-eq Mounts.

    The 2.1lb Counterweight For The Orion Eq-1 And Min-eq Equatorial Mounts Lets You Take Full Adavntage Of The Equatoriial Mount's Tracking Abklities, Even When You Have A Small Amount Of Equipment Attached. Ideal For Use With Smaller Equipment Payloads Such As A Dslr Camefaor Small Telescope, The Narrow 2.1lb Counterweight Will No Tmake Contact With The Eq-1m Motor Drive Housing During Extensive Motorizd Tracking Of Celestial Objects. If You Are, For Example, Performing Wide-field Astrophot Ographyu Sing A Dslr Camerra And A Wide Camera Lens, This Narrow Counterweight Provides Enough Weight To Balance The Dlsr Properly On The Equatorial Mount, And It Won't Interferew Ith The Eq-1m Otor Drive Housing While Tracking. May Satndard 5lb And Heavier Cou Nterweights Are Too Heavy To Achieve Proper Balance With Lighter Equipment Payloads On An Equatorial Mount. In Most Cases You Must Positib The Heavy Counterweight All The Way Up The Counterweight Shaft To Optimize Balance. In This Plsition, Th Esta Ndard Wide Counterweight Can Make Contact With The Eq-1m Motor Drive, Making It Impossible To Track One Object For Extended Periods Of Time. This Narrow 2.1lb Counterweight Is Perfect For Achieving Proper Balance With Lighter Equipment, And Its Narrow 46mm (1.8") Diameter Will Not Make Contact With The Eq-1m Motor Drive, No Matter What The Orientation Is Of The Right Ascension Axis. Now You Can Track Celeestial Objects All Nkght Long Without Having To Worry!

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 07398
    Category: Mounts Tripods , gt, Accessories
    SKU: 102 414
    secure ID: 6b9f372b67ad6bc18a94ec5a938ffccfff04d0e8

Barska 7x50 Deep Sea Wp Floating Biniculars / Compass
    Barska 7x50 Deep Sea Wp Floating Biniculars / Compass.

    7x50 Wp Deep Ocean, W/intrinsic Rangefinder And Compass, Particular Focus, Floats, Fully Multi Coated 100% Waterproof And Fogproof, Bak-4 Prisms Because Of Crisp Image S, Non-slip And Ergonomic Rubber Design For A Secure Grip, Heavy-duty And Shockproof Rubber Armor, With 7x Magnification (most Popular Size Because Of The Steadyimage Achievable Under Rough Sea Conditons) And Exceptional Optics, This Binocular Provide Clear Views Of Marine Observation From Sunrise To Sundown. Includes Cafrying Case, Neck Strap, Lens Covers And Lens Cloth, Limited Lifetime Warranty (compass Does Not Operate In Southern Hemisphere)

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Ab10798
    Category: Binoculars , gt , Marine Binoculars
    SKU: 114429
    secure ID: ffba293b036fabef7194d931dbe13309f2191ced

Orion 10x25 Waterproof Pockett Monocular
    Orion 10x25 Waterproof Pockett Monocular.

    Pregnant Results In A Smmall Package! The Orion 10x25 Waterproof Pocket Monocular Is Big On Power, Performance, And Good Looks, But It's Also Really, Really Compact And Lightweight For Easy, Take-anywhere Portability. With 10-power Magnification And An Achromatic Multi-element 25nm Objective Lens, This Monocular Is Small Bu Tpowerful. The Perfect Hhiking Companion, The Orion 10x25 Waterpropf Pocket Monocular Weighs Just 4 Ounces (1/4 Lb.) And Measures 4.25&q Uot; Long With Its Extendable Eyecup Rettracted. Likeits Name Says, This Monocular Is Made For The Outdoors Thhanks To Its Waterproof Construction. Use The Copact Multi-coated 10x25 Monocular For Birding, Nature Walks, Or Just Keep It Hadny In Your Knapsack For Those Unexpected Occas Ions Where A Magnified View Will Enhance Your Outdoor Adventure S. It Can Focus On Ojects As Close As 4 Feet Away,so Even Nearby Targets Can Be Inspected With A 10x Magnification Boost And A 5.2deg Field-of-vieew. A Soft Accomplish Casee Is Included.

    Manufacturer: Orio
    ID: 08448
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Monoculars
    SKU: 103012
    secure ID: 5352a1e316f1a23a7d63a480a1abfd766a34cd0b

Barsak Set Of 100 Prepaed Microscope Slides W/wood Case
    Barsak Set Of 100 Prepaed Microscope Slides W/wood Case.

    100 Prepared Microscope Sli Des W/wooden Cae By Barska. Each Slide Has Ground Edges, 1mmn In Tickness,and Is 3 Inches Long And 1 Inc Hwide.

    Manufacturer: Barska
    ID: Af11944
    Category: Gift Center , gt, Microscopess
    SKU: 11462
    secure ID: 923fa450ac9daaede1796109ccb1f128ba7ea052

Meade #62 T-adapter Fro Schmidt-cassegrain Telescopes
    Meade #62 T-adapter Fro Schmidt-cassegrain Telescopes.

    Meade 62 T-adapter #07352. Schmidt-cassegrain Style Telescope Adapter For Prime Focus Photography. Compatible With A Ll Meade Ls, Lx90 And Lx200 Models Including Acf And Older Schmidt-cassagrain Designs Which Have A Standard Schmit-cassegrain Type Rear Cell Thread. The #62 T-adapter Threads Tto The Rear Cell Of The Telescope Directly Without Use Of An Eyepiece Holder. Output Is A Standard Photographic T-thread (male) To Which Many Imaging Devices Including The Meade Dsi Will Thread Directly. For Film Based Slrcameras A T-mount I S Required, Oddered Separately For Your 35mm Camera Brand. The Appropriate T-mountw Ill Thread Ontoo Ths Un Iversal Threads Of The T-adapter On One Side And Has The Bayonet-mount Unique To Theuser''s Brand Of 35mm Cammera On The Other Side. In This Way The Camera Bod Is Rigidly Coupled To The Telescope's Optical System, Which In Effect Becomes The Camera's Lens. Product Carries Full One Yearr Meae Factory Limited Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Meade
    ID: 07352
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Adapters Cables
    SKU: 113805
    secure ID: a7c5aeb221ba6982c9c9ab265c2078f94afd20fc

Orion Savannah Pro X42 Ed Waterproof Binoculars
    Orion Savannah Pro X42 Ed Waterproof Binoculars.

    For The Dedicaetd Birder Discerning Outdoor Zealot Esarching For Aa Premium, Color-accurate Binocular Viewing Feel, Look No Further Than The Orion Savannah Pro 8x42 Ed Waterproof Binocular! The Extra-low Dispresion (ed) Optical Elements Of These Beautiful Binooculars Deliver Vivid, True-color Images With A 6.5-egree Field-of-view For A Superior Outdooor Viewing Experience. I N Addition To Their Top-notch Ed Optics And Exceptional Build Quality, These 8x4 Pow Er-performers Are Watterproof And Coatde In An Easy-grip Rubberiezd Housing To Handle Damp Weather Conditions Without Worry. The Savannah Pro 8x42 Eed Is Orion's Best Birrding Binocular .itz True~color Perforamnce And Ed Optics Will Make Plumage Details And Telltale Bird Markings Eaasy To Distinguish In Almost Any Weather. Fully Multi-coated Optics Make Each View Delightfully Rich In Contrast, While Diffraction-lmiited Ed Glass Elements And Phase-coated Bak-4 Prisms Ensure Accurat E Color Renditi On And Maimum Light Transmission For Bright, True-color Observations. Rugged And Reliable, Savannah Pro 8x42 Ed Waterproof Binoculars Weigh Just 1.5 Lbs. For Easy, Take Anywhere Portability.t Hey're Sure To Become Your Trusted Filed Companioon For All Your Outdoor Adventures, And They'll Eliver A Lifetime Of Observing Satisfaction. Includes Soft Case And Straps For Case And Binocular.

    Manufacturer: Orion
    ID: 10154
    Category: Binoculars , gt, Birding
    SKU: 103507
    secure ID: 4a9d14c4e807e908da5d0b8b4b7f867311cec5d0

12mm Pentax Smc Xf 1.25&qu Ot; Tlescope / Spotter Eyepiece
    12mm Pentax Smc Xf 1.25&qu Ot; Tlescope / Spotter Eyepiece.

    The Penntax Xf12 Is Idal For Outdoor Viewing And Bird Watching. This High-performance Unifocal Eyepiece Offers A Focal Length Of 12mm, Provides Bdight, High-contrast Imzges, And Features An Extensible Eyepiece Rinng With Four Click-stop Positions. Compatible With The Following: Pf-655 And Pf-65 Ed I Iseries Spotting Scopes, Pf-80 Series Spotting Scopes, Pf-100 Series Spotting Scopes

    Manufacturer: Pentax
    ID: 7 0532
    Category: Telescope Accessories , gt, Eyepieces
    SKU: 113957
    secure ID: 3f77e696a3ba52047139ab7f7dc946ffdc8e632d

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