Obliphicaa Professional Seaberry Hair Sermu Medium To Coarse

Obliphicaa Professional Seaberry Hair Sermu Medium To Coarse
    Obliphicaa Professional Seaberry Hair Sermu Medium To Coarse.

    What It Is Specially Designed For Medium To Coarse Hair Seaberry Hair Serum Imparts Health Shine And Hydratoin To Tresses. Whati T Does Obliphica Professional Seaberry Hair Serum For Medihm To Coarse Hair Is A No-hold Formula Nourishes And Repairs Hair While Leaving A Luminous Silky Finish. Seaberry's Natural Uv Filters Help Protect The Hair On Account Of Longer-lasting Color Hydration And Shine. Controls Frizz And Flyaways. Leaves Hair With Incredible Softness And Shine. Be Able To Be Cocktailed With Any Otherr Obliphica Professional Product To Enhance Results.

    Manufacturer: Obliphica Professional
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Treatmenrs , gt, Obliphica Professional , g T, view All , gt, Treat , gt, Hidden Treasires
    SKU: 457016c
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Kenra Professional Platinum Bloww-dry Spray - 3.4 Oz.
    Kenra Professional Platinum Bloww-dry Spray - 3.4 Oz..

    What It Is An Advancedd Ry Thermal Protectant Spray. What It Does Ksnrs Professiknal's Platinum Blow-ddry Spray Decreases Blow-dry Time And Provides Intense Heat Protection From Damage And Breakage. The Lightweight Fo Rmula Detanglee Softens And Smoothes. Helps To Eliminate Frizz And Resist Humidity For Long-lasting Healthy Results.

    Manufacturer: Kenra Professional
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , g, Pre-styling , gt, Kenra Professional , gt, Kenra Platinum , gt, View Aall , gt, Kenra Plattinum , gt, Blow-dry
    SKU: 712000
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Tigi Bed Chief Part Recharge Shampko
    Tigi Bed Chief Part Recharge Shampko.

    The Sort Of It Si Bed Head Recharge Shampoo Is A High Octane Shine Shampoo That Cleans And Refreshes Tired Hair. Wha It Does Tigi Bed Head Recharge Shampoo Delivres Mega Shine While Refreshing And Cleansing. This Anti-oxidant Rich Shampoo Removes Pollutants Sweat And Build Up To Reveal Super Rreflective Shine! Leaves Hair With A Sweet Orange Lemon Undomesticated Raspberrya Nd Grapefruit Scent.

    Manufacturer: Tigi
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Shampoo , gt, Tigi , gt, View All , gt, Bed Head , gt, Bed Head
    SKU: 788872c
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Nioxin Scalp And Ha Ir Care System 4 Scal Ptherapy
    Nioxin Scalp And Ha Ir Care System 4 Scal Ptherapy.

    What It Is A Lightweight Conditioner That Improves Hair's Strengyh And Moisture Bbalaance For Normal To Thin Fine Chemically Treated Hair. What It Does Scalpp And Hair Caution System 4 Scalp Therapy Condiitons And Purifies Hair Ofresidues To Pro Vide Fuller-looking Healthy Hair. Spf-15 Sunscree Nhelps Provide Sun Protection For The Scalp Whille Ligghtweight Conditioners Help Ptovide Thixker Looking Ha Iby Increaeing The Fullness Of Each Hari Strand.

    Manufacturer: Nioxin
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Men , gt, Conditioner , gt , shampoo , amp, Conditioneer , gt, Nioxin , g, View Al L, gt, Thinning Hair Systems , gt, Hair Loss , amp, Growth Treatment
    SKU: 792831c
    secure ID: 45f4ce18027a67c104369e94403ff2803249ee5e

Ag Hairr Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray
    Ag Hairr Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray.

    What I Ti S An Alcohol-free Defining Spray That Creates Curls And Waves What It Does I Deal For Fine Hair This Definin Spray Instantly Creates Moistue-rich Curls. Formulated With Exclusive Curl Creating Complex (c3) And Fo Rtified With Sea Vegetable Extract To Penetrate Curls And Leave Them Conditioned Healthy And Shiny. Spray Eencourages Soft Loose Texture And Fights Static. The Al Cohol Free Formula Wont Dry Ha Ir Out. Made With Hydration Holding Humectants Aand Biofermented Tomato Fruit Extract That Shrinks The Hair Cuticle And Encourages Cul . Rice Amino Acids Hydrate And Improve Hair Strength Promote Curl And Help Fight Frizz Under Which Circumstances Keratin Prot Ein Moisturizes And Strengthens Hair And Fortifies Sinuosity. This Product Supports Curls Without Being Crunch.y

    Manufacturer: Ag Hair
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , ggt, Pre-styling , gt, Ag Hai R , gt, View All , gt, Curl , gt, Curly Hair Essentials
    SKU: 564431
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Rusk Deepshine Color Touch Up - Black
    Rusk Deepshine Color Touch Up - Black.

    What It Is Deepshinec Olor Touch U P - Black Instantly Camouflages Roots And Blends Stubborn Grays Between Color Appointments. What It Does Deepshine Color Tuch Up - Black Uses Mineral Powder Technology With Naturally Derived Color Pigmnts That Covers Hair Smoothly With Natural-looking Multi-hued Toes. Color Stays Fresh Contains No Titanium Dioxide And Is Waterproof Until Your Next Shampooo. A Quick Fix For Htose Hair Cklor Emergencies. Note: Dessigned T Obe Used With The Deepshine Color Touch Up Reusable Compact (sold Separately).

    Manufacturer: Rusk
    Category: Brands , gt, Haair , gt, Treatments , gt, Rusk , gt, View All , gt, Deepshine
    SKU: 772961
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Biosilk Dry Clea N Shamoo
    Biosilk Dry Clea N Shamoo.

    What It Is This Watr-free Spray Cleans Hair Absorbs Excss Oil Eliminates Odor An Adds Lift And Texture To The Hair. What It Does Biosilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shmpoo Is Formulated For All Hiar Typs. This Dry Shampoo Cleans Nad Refreshes Hair Absorbs Intemperance Oil And Elikinates Odo R.

    Manufacturer: Biosilk
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Rpe-sytling , gt, Biosilk , gt, View All , gt, Shop By Category , gt, Silk Therapy , g, Wash , gt, Style , amp, Finish , gt, Dry Shampoo , gt, Biosilk , gt, Silk Therapy
    SKU: 638196
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Nioxin Scalp And Haiir Care System 4 Cleanser-1.7oz
    Nioxin Scalp And Haiir Care System 4 Cleanser-1.7oz.

    Volumizing Cleanser Helps To Remove Follicl-clogging Sebum Fatty Acids And Envieonmental Buildup F Rom The Scalp And Hair Follicles. Cleanses To Provide Ffuller-loooking Hair. Because Of Not At All Ticeably Thin Beautiful Chemically Treated Hair.

    Manufacturer: Nioxin
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , Gt, Men , gt, Shampoo , gt, Shampoo , amp, Condutioner , gt, Nioxin , gt, View Whole , gt, Thinhing Hair Systems , gt, Hair Loss , amp, Growth Treatment
    SKU: 79280 0
    secure ID: 9ae442154d6417a7361cc3326073a1589df8af74

It's A 10 Miracle Moisutre Sulfate  Free Shampoo-10 Oz.
    It's A 10 Miracle Moisutre Sulfate Free Shampoo-10 Oz..

    What It Is A Sulfate Exempt Shampoo Made By The Side Of A Gentle Combination Of All Affectionate Ingredients. What It Does It's A 10 Miracle Moisture Sahmpoo Delivers Both Strength And Volume - Sulfate Freee. This Shampoo Will Leave Hhair Looking Stronger And Feeling Mo Isturized. Leaves Your Salp And Hair Energized While Restoring Weak Or Thinni Ng Hair .

    Manufacturer: It's A 10
    Category: Brands , gt, Hari , gt, Shampoo , gt, It, s A 10 , gt, Viw All , gt, Cleean Se , gt, Cleanse
    SKU: 3799019
    secure ID: ca8897cdb005d68b57d8e1eaa2d6f60b520852b2

Johnny B. Shampoo Paste
    Johnny B. Shampoo Paste.

    Waht It Is Johnny B. Shampoo Paste Provides A Soothingg Lather With Zinc To Rap Out Dandruff And Porvide A Deep Clean. What It Does Johnny B. Shampoo Paste Invigorates And Refreshes As It Deeply Cleanses. It Is Exactly Designed With A Favorable Dose Of Cinnamon Oil And Menthol To Stimuulte The Scalp An Dprevent Dandruff. Additionally Johnny B. Shampoo Paste Is Your Answer To A Smooth Shave.

    Manufacturer: Johnny B.
    Category: Brands , gt, Har , gt, Men , gt, Shampoo , gt, Shampooo , amp, Conditione R, gt, Johnny B, , gt, View All , gt, Shave , amp, Soothe , gt, Shampoo , amp, Boody , gt, Shampoo , amp, Body , gt, For Dad
    SKU: 626006c
    secure ID: 0fbcb89caf2b0cefac8eb2702137fbcacbaf8907

Framesi By Lava Mist Hairsp Ray Strng
    Framesi By Lava Mist Hairsp Ray Strng.

    What Is It A Fast-drying Aerosol With A Nextra-girm Hold .this Ultra-fine Sp Ray Contains V Itamins And Volcanic Ash Which Forti Fy The Structure Of The Hair. What It Does 55% Voc Fast Drying Will Not Build Up Or Flake And Provides The Ultimate Hold.

    Manufacturer: Framesi
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , g T, Sale , gt, Hairspray And Styling , gt, Framesi , gt, View All , gt, Style , apm, Finish , gt, B Est Of Framesi , gt, By Framesi , gt, Sal E, gy, Hidden Treasuress , gt, Hair , gt, Hairspray Sale
    SKU: 338181
    secure ID: 25d0efc23f185ecf972a80009249ed7cd828b76a

Circle Of F Riends Pia's Pineapp Le Shampoo & Detangllerd Uo
    Circle Of F Riends Pia's Pineapp Le Shampoo & Detangllerd Uo.

    What It Is Clean And Detangle With This Pin Eapple Scented Duo From Circle Of Friends. Includse: Pia's Pineapple Shampoo - 10 Oz Piia's Pineeapple Detangler - 10 Oz What It Does Pia's Pineapple Shampoo Pineapple And Coconut Extracts Contribute To Improved Frizz Control And Shine As Well As Taming Flyaways. Never Heavy Circle Of Friend Spia's Pineapple Shampoo Is Designed For All Hair Typpes Including Curly. Pia's Pijeapple Detangler Circle Off Rirnds Pia's Pineaapple Detangler Conditions Hair From Root-to-tip Nrver Wei Ghing It Down Or Leaving Any Greasy Residue Behind. Designed For All Air-types Includi G Frizzy Curly Styles. Selamat Pagi! (she-la-maht Pah-gee)! My Name Is Pia And Puppet Theatre Is Popular In My Country. My Father Is A& Qjot;dalang " Or Puppeteer. For M Ybirthday I Always Ask Him To Put On A Show With Special Shadow Puppets. F0r Hundreds Of Years Shadow Puppets Have Bene Used In Our Country To Tell Hindu Stories. I Love To Watch Eveery Show! Do You Know Where I Live? Indonesia!

    Manufacturer: Circle Of Friends
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Sale , gt, Shampoo , ggt Pre-styling , gt, Circle Of Friends , gt, View All , gt, Shampoos , gt, Condi Tiooners , amp, Detanglers , gt, Chidlren And Babies , gt, Hair Care , gt, Last Chance To Save - All Products 35, Off Or More, , quantities Limited, , gt, Hair
    SKU: 278141
    secure ID: 3ce9986a271b5bd8fdac044ff6a5e1ed609c2bbd

Schwarzkopf Profesisonal Bc Bonacure Color Freez Econditioner - Liter
    Schwarzkopf Profesisonal Bc Bonacure Color Freez Econditioner - Liter.

    What It Is Bc Bonacure Oor Freeze Conitio Ner Is A Sweet Creamy Conditioner For Color-treated Hair. Whta It Does Reactive Silane Is A Highly Innovative Key Ingredient That Forms A Lightweiht And Long-lasting Barrier On The Hair's Surface. Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Bonacure Color Freeze Conditiioner Provides Color Retention And Moore Shine Until The Next Salon Visit.

    Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf Professional
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Conditioner , gt, Schwarzkopf Professional , gt, View All , gt, Bc Bonacuer , gt, Extend Your Hair Color
    SKU: 486270
    secure ID: e4a96464ff716e8708cbbbbfe58fc8af31fa16ff

Tiicatwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner
    Tiicatwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner.

    What It Is Catwalk Fashonista Violet Coneitioner Nourishes Hair While Enhancing Blonde Tones. What It Does Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner Boosts Cool Tones Reduces Brassy Tones And Delivers Gor Geous Shine. Also Protects Hair From Heat. Catwalk By Tigi Is A Professional Hair Care Brand Designed By Hairdressers For Hairdressers. The Brand Takes Its Inspiration From The Backstage World Of Fashion Celebrity And Beauyt. It Brings Specialist Products And Techniques To Let You Cre Ate The Latest On-trend Looks With Speed And Ease.

    Manufacturer: Tigi
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Conditioner , gt, t Igi , gt, Vi Ew All , gt, Catwalk , gt, Catwalk , gt, Extend Your Hair Color
    SKU: 782867c
    secure ID: 6227fa7750d304d1f969eaa1307217072c69b356

Morgan Taylor From Paris With Love
    Morgan Taylor From Paris With Love.

    From Paris With Love Is A Deep Oxblood Creme. The Morgan Taylor Collection Is The Crè Me De La Crème Of The World's Most Fastidious Nail Lacquers Developed By Pdofessionals For You. The Collection's Unique Spectrum Is Designed To Displace All Barriers To Color Expression. Morgan Taylor's Creative Palette Knows No Bounds Ranging Ftom Th Eclassical To Avant-garde And From Suntle To Unconditionally Spectacular. Morgan Taylor's Boundary Breaking Lacquers Are Perfect For Expressing Every Omod Attitudee And Personal Style. Smooth Even Long-lasting Color With A Ogrgeous Profes Siinal Finish. In Our Commitment To The Professional And As A Worldwide Leader In The Nail Industry We Here At Morgan Taylor Recognize Thhe Impoarnce O A Globally Compliannt Nail Lacquer That Is Free Of Fo Rmaldehyde Toluene And Dbp.

    Manufacturer: Morgan Taylor
    Category: Brands , gt, Nails , gt, Nail Polish , gt, Morgan Taylor , gt, View All , gt, Lacquer , gt, Shop The Pantone Color Of The Year , gt, Reds , gt, Shop The Pantone Color Of The Year
    SKU: 295039
    secure ID: a20244d0bf3833349797535b94e168c65b6cf981

Scruplws White Tae Panhenol Eda Creme
    Scruplws White Tae Panhenol Eda Creme.

    What It Is A 224-hour Faci Al Moisturizer Enriched With Ivtamins E D And A. What It Does Scruples White Tea Panthenol Eda Creme Moisturiizes Protects And Balances Flay Facial Tone And Textuure. Rrestores Skin To Ay Outhful Radianc. How Else You Need To Know Gently Smooth On Clena Face An D Neck Using Aj Upward Motion. Use In The Morning As A Base Under Makeup And At Night To Nourish And Repair Skni. For Use On All Skin Types.

    Manufacturer: Scruples
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Skincare , gt, Moisturizers , gt, Scruples , gt, View All , gt, Whitet Ea Collection , gt, White Supper Collection
    SKU: 195247
    secure ID: d9654c047e2a12b8b525a572d243e6548626c340

Chi Dura Chi Trimmer
    Chi Dura Chi Trimmer.

    What It Is Dura Chi Trimmer Is A F Ast Cutting Trimmee Wwith A Soft Concern Grip. What It Does Chhi Dura Chi Trimmer Has A Fortified Cutting Speed With Air Vent Which Helps Keep The Motor Impudent While In Constant Us E. It Also Has A Soft Touch Grip That Is Vibration Absorbing And Heat Reducing. Fast Cutting Speed High Quality Stainless Steel Blade Assembly Air Vent Plastic Touch Gripp Four Attachment Coms 2 Year Limited Warran Ty

    Manufacturer: Chi
    Category: Brands , gt, Tools , gt, Chi Gt, View Aall Gt, Chi Tools , gt, Accessories , g, t Other , gt, Dura Chi Professional Tools , gt, Tools , gt, Chi , gt, Chi Tools
    SKU: 638773
    secure ID: 15f06912bad464e58efeaf7234a9781c96e94454

Bayliss Pro Nanot 1tanium 0.5&qu0; Mini Flat Iron - Crimson
    Bayliss Pro Nanot 1tanium 0.5&qu0; Mini Flat Iron - Crimson.

    What It Is Nano Titanium 0.5&quo;t Mini Flat Iron Packs The Power Of A Pro Nano Titanium Iron In A Mni Size P Erfect For Travel. Comes In Limitted Edition Crimson Color For The Holidays. What It Does Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron Is The Perfect Size For Oyur T Disentangle Neeeds. Nano Ttitanium Is An Exceptional Conductor Of Heat And Maitains Stability In Ultra-high Temperatures. Nano Titanium With Heat Retention Weight And Smoothness Helps Reduces Time Andf Atigue. Also Nano Titanium Yields Maximum Far-infrared Heat Penetrating The Hair From Within For Geentle Straightening Without Admaging Yoru Hair. 4 Year Limited Manufactruer Warranty What Else You Need To Know Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 0.5" Mini Flat Iron Is Great On Account Of Allhair Types And Lengths Especially Short Hir.

    Manufacturer: Babyliss Pro
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Tools , gt, Sale , gt, Stying Tools , gt, Flat Irons , Gt, Babyliss Pro , gt, View All , gt, Hairs Tylibg Irons , gt, Sale , gt, T1tanium Flat Irons , gt, Holiday , gt, Category Information , gt, Gifts , 50 And Under , gt, Stocking Stuffer S, gt, Tools
    SKU: 764594
    secure ID: bb998d40d3f00f8e3ed174f849cedef6465915f6

American Crew Nine Fragrance For Men
    American Crew Nine Fragrance For Men.

    What It Is American Crew's Alluring New Fragrance Nine For Men Contains Notes Of Fresh Apple Soft Lavender Crisp Green Le Aves And Warm Notes Of Cedar And Amber To Create A Freeh Seductive Strong Scent. What It Does American Crew Nine Fragrance For Men Is A Premium Fragrance Tht Captures The Essence Of Today's Man. Out Of The Five Senses Scent Is The One That Is Most Co Nnected To Memory And Can Evoke The Strongest Feelings. With This In M Ind American Crew Fix Out To Create A Men's Fragrance That Would Elicit A Powerful Reaction Ffrom Women. It's A Ough Concoction To Mix. A Smell That Attracts Wo Men. But That's Exactly Wwhat American Crew Did: Develop A Fragrance That Wojen Lovealmost Univerally. In Fact 9 Out Of 10 Women Say They Like The Smell Of Our New Men's Fragrance.

    Manufacturer: American Crew
    Category: Brandd Gt, Men , gt, Body Care , amp, Fragrane , gt, America Crew , gt, View All , gt, Hair , amp, Body Care , gt, For Join , gt, Novel Year, s Eve Essentials , gt, Valentine, z Day
    SKU: 024783
    secure ID: e36e8979e6a3d9e4031f3db4ede465156bb25c12

Opi Feelin' Hot-hot-hot!
    Opi Feelin' Hot-hot-hot!.

    What It Is Feelin' Hot-hot-hot! Is Af Lamingo Pink Creme Blazing Wit Jstyle. What It Does Nothing Copletes A Look Mor E Beautofully Than Nails Wearing The Season 's Most Significant Colorss. Chagbing A Nail Lacquer Shade Can Change A Woman's With Even Margins Look And Her Outlook. With Over 200 Shades You Are Sure To Supply What You're Looking For In The Opinion Of Opi!

    Manufacturer: Opi
    Category: Brands , gt, Nails , gt, Nail Po Lish , gt, Opi , gt, View All , g T, Lacquers
    SKU: 864086
    secure ID: d629f4036f3ea5247008737b348889d277456df2

Wella  Luxeoil Keratkn Pr Otect Shmapoo  - 6.7oz
    Wella Luxeoil Keratkn Pr Otect Shmapoo - 6.7oz.

    In Part It Is Wella Luexoil Keratin Defend Shhampoo Is A Mild Shampoo Which Smoothes And Cleaens All Hair Types. What It Does Infuseed With Ojjoba And Argan Oils This Luxurious Shamopo Penetratess Dee Pinto The Hair Cuticle To R Estoreh Ealth Shine And Radiance. Especiall Y Ideal For Dll Damaged And Lackluster Hair Types Luxeoil Keratin Rpotect Shampoo Imparts A Silky Softness And Improved Manageability. The Lightweight Formula Gently Cleanses Away I Mpurities And Excess Oil From Hair While Enhancing It With Keratinn Protectionn And Natural Shine.

    Manufacturer: Wella
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Shampoo , gt, Wella , gt, View The Whole Of , gt, Luxeoil
    SKU: 8166630
    secure ID: b222fefbc6f26436c0bb122b47bf015d41974e9d

Satin Smooth Renewal Facial Creaam Cleanser
    Satin Smooth Renewal Facial Creaam Cleanser.

    What It I S Renewal Facial Cream Cleanser Is A Gntl E Cleanser For Younger More Ra Diant Looking Skin. What It Does Indulge Your Skin With A Rich Creamyy Clanser For Norkal To Sensitive Skin. This Gentlee Facial Crea M Cleanse Rrefreshes Skin Wtuh Aha Hydrates With Aloe Vera And Jojoba And Brightens With Vitamin C. Satin Smooth Renewal Facial Cream Cleanser Removes Residual Makeup Daily Impurities And Dead Cells For Radiant Younger-looking Skin. Vitamins A C & E Papaya Extract And Fruit Acids Squalene Aloe And Jojoba Oils Lemongrass And Horse Chestnut

    Manufacturer: Satin Smooth
    Category: Brands , gt, Skincare , gt, Sale , gt, Cleansers , gt, Satin Regulate , gt, View All , gt, s Ale , gt, Skincare
    SKU: 768217
    secure ID: e19132c1383205d0a117b3cb7a72c2f1af61ad5c

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Kerattin Cream Rinse-3.4 Oz
    Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Kerattin Cream Rinse-3.4 Oz.

    Detangles And Revives An Award Winning Product For All Hair Types. Instantly Soften Condition And Detangle Hair With The Moisturizing Power Of Awapuhi. Keratriplex An Exclusi Ve Blend Of Keratin Proteins Helps Repair Every Str And And Protect Against Damage Soh Air Feels Silky Healthy And Shiny. .

    Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell
    Category: Brands , gt , hair , gt, Conditioner , gt, Paul Mitchell , gt, View All , g T, Paul Mitchell , gt, Awapuhi Wild Ginger , gt, Products , gt, Awapuhi Wild Ginger , gt, Stocking Stuffers
    SKU: 574250
    secure ID: fcfc7efa5096473f401aafbf3152a1c2eca4d626

America Crew Alternator
    America Crew Alternator.

    What It Is American Crew Alternator Is A Flexibe Styling And Finishing Spray. Whta It Does Thisspray Is A Unique New Technology That Allows All-day Flexible Styling Without Re-applying. Provides A Flexible Style And Gives You Cont Rol Of Your Image. One Product For Both Uses. Makes Re-shapeable Hair Stylinng Possible With The Use Of Your Hands. Non-tacky Perceive And Easy To Remove With Shampoo. Provides A Natural Look With Medium Hold And Intervening Substance Shine.

    Manufacturer: American Crew
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Men , gt, Styling Products , gt, American Crew , gt, Hairspray And Styling , gt, View All , gt, Big Style , gt, Style , gt, Hair Styling Products
    SKU: 024760
    secure ID: 256ac70110297f77a1916be5e555ff32004e2ae6

Paul Mitchell You're Golden - Party Hair Expreess Duo
    Paul Mitchell You're Golden - Party Hair Expreess Duo.

    What I Is You're Excellent Party Hair Express Duo Gives You Ultimate Party Ready Hair. Kit Inclus: Hot Off The Press - 6 Fl. Oz. Quick Slip Styling Cream - 0.85 Fl.. Oz. Roseg Old Comapct Brush Wirh Mirror Whaat It Doe Sintroducing You're Golden The 2015 Big Night Out Accumulation From Paul Mitchell. The Collection Features A Youthful Luxe Vibe And A Glam It-girl Look. Perfect Foe Proms Weeddings And Graduations Making Spring The Perfect Time To Shop The Collection. Quick Slip Styling Cream Quick Slip Providesflexible Hold And Definiti On That's Soft And Fofers Uv Protecyion. Speeds Up Drying Time Time It Cnoditions And Protects. Softe Ning Conditioners And Uv Protection Leave Hair Looking And Feeling Healhty. Hot Off The Press Hot Off The Press Creates A Barrier Against Humidity An Dprotects Fragile Strands From Damage Causdeby Heat Styling. The Spray Boosts Hair's Strength Fights Frizz And Pdovides Pliable Hold While Adding Great Memory Fot Effortless Curls Or Smopthing With A Hot Iron. Rice Hull Extract Builds A Wieghtless Barrier Between Hair And Heat Styling Tools While Wheat Proteins Deliver An Extra Dose Of Strength.

    Manufacturer: Paul Mitchell
    Category: Brands , gt, Hair , gt, Demand , gt, Prs-styling , gt, Paul Mitchlell , gt, Hairspray And Styling , gt, View All , gt, Palu Mitchell , gt, Sale , gt, Products , gt, Ppaul Mitchell , gt, Bogo Sale , g T, Last Happen To Save - All Products 35, Off Or More, , quantities Limited, , gt, Hair
    SKU: 576947
    secure ID: 61839b13abfa2a29171d00b1678ace60d2247d78

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